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Current Issues With Dr. Phillips

Current Issues With Dr. Phillips

Dec. 6, 2005

We at Clemson University are delighted to be going to the Champs Sports bowl on Dec. 27 in Orlando, FL. Ticket applications are already out for our supporters to purchase tickets and attend the game. Our players are very excited about this opportunity to play in a bowl.

We are excited about the opportunity to represent the university in Orlando and on television. This is a reward for our team – they fought hard all year. We have a firm foundation as we moving toward the future and the bowl game.

The exposure by way of the bowl game will help our recruiting efforts. The additional practice time will help us as we look toward the following year. We want our players to enjoy themselves, play hard and recognize this game is a reward for their season.

Clemson has a rich bowl tradition with 27 bowl games, dating back to the 1940 Cotton Bowl. The school’s 14 bowl wins rank in the nation’s top 20 in the history of college football.

Clemson has made 16 bowl appearances since 1985, which is tied for ninth-most bowl appearances in the last 20 seasons. History also indicates our people are greater supporters of Clemson in bowl games. We know our people will be there in very strong force.

We need the Clemson seating section at the bowl game to be Solid Orange because we will have prospects – both general student and athletic prospects – watching us on television. They need to see that Solid Orange Clemson spirit in place and in full support.

Our fans help recruit prospects to Clemson. As they watch us on television, Solid Orange reaffirms that they are making a good decision by coming to Clemson. Solid Orange tells them what Clemson is all about. We want our people to know that Solid Orange us helping us recruit. We encourage our fans to support our football team by wearing orange. And, Go Tigers!

In Solid Orange,Terry Don Phillips

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