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Current Issues With Dr. Phillips

Current Issues With Dr. Phillips

May 23, 2005

Communication is a vital element of any organization. It is important, however, that the information that is communicated be accurate so that any undue conflict and controversy may be prevented. Unfortunately, we are in an age when the slightest rumor can explode into a controversy within a day. This is due in large part to the easy access of often-unsubstantiated information on sport talk shows and internet chat rooms.

From time to time, I share my view of Current Issues with you via the Orange & White or This forum allows me to address what I perceive to be some of the hot button issues floating around the talk shows and chat rooms. Clearly, I can’t cover every issue out there in a single column. As a result of the limited scope of the Current Issues section, we will establish a link on where you will be able to e-mail me and others in the department any issues and concerns you may have.

This site is not set up yet, and is projected to be up and ready beginning in the fall. You will be asked to provide some information and then submit your comments. Every e-mail that is sent will be reviewed, however, due to an anticipated high volume of e-mails, responses will be posted only to selected e-mails. Questions and concerns will be forwarded to the appropriate staff member for reflection, and responses will be posted daily on

I will still address the global, hot button issues in the Current Issues section of the Orange and White and If there are any other issues, good or bad, that come to your attention regarding the Clemson University Athletic Department and any of the sports that it supports, then please let us know. We will strive to provide you with good, timely information. We want you to be able to come to and have everything you need to know and most of what you want to know on there.

Terry Don Phillips

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