About the Project

About the Watt Family Performance and Wellness Renovation Project:

Clemson University Athletics has unveiled an expansive vision for its upcoming renovations, featuring a cutting-edge 55,000 square-foot facility that is set to revolutionize the training and wellness experience for student-athletes. Clemson is committed to providing the best resources and environment for its athletes and is poised to set a new standard in collegiate sports facilities. In November 2023, IPTAY and the families of Steven and Michael Watt announced a commitment to name the facility, recognizing their incredible generosity and impact on the project. The Watt Family’s $5.675 million Athletic Cornerstone Partner contribution will play a central role in bringing the facility from concept to reality.

Read more on the Watt Families’ commitment here.

The centerpiece of this initiative is the remarkable Strength & Conditioning Center, equipped with cutting-edge amenities designed to propel athletes to their peak performance. This center will include a 40-yard dash area, providing a space for speed and agility training that is crucial across various sports disciplines.

In alignment with its commitment to comprehensive athlete well-being, Clemson’s new facility will house an innovative Wellness & Recovery Space. This space will offer a range of advanced features such as Cryo Therapy, Sensory Deprivation, Theralight, and HydroMassage, all aimed at aiding athletes in their physical recovery and mental rejuvenation. The Hydrotherapy & Recovery Pools, complete with Hot/Cold Plunge Pools, an Underwater Treadmill, and a Custom Lap Pool, further exemplify the university’s dedication to providing state-of-the-art resources for athletes’ recuperation and rehabilitation.

The new facility will also house a state-of-the-art Sports Medicine Clinic, boasting dedicated Exam and Procedure Rooms to ensure swift and comprehensive medical care for athletes. A Gatorade Fuel Bar and Sports Nutrition Services will cater to athletes’ dietary needs, while the Bistro & Outdoor Patio, featuring a Full Service Kitchen, will offer a relaxing and nourishing environment for post-training relaxation and socialization.

Furthermore, Clemson’s focus on sustainable and modern design is evident throughout the renovation plans. Elements like electrochromatic glass, circadian lighting, and UV sterilization highlight the university’s commitment to creating an environmentally conscious and health-promoting space. The innovative repurposing of reclaimed white oak trees from Lot 5 for furniture and wall treatments adds a touch of authenticity and sustainability to the design. With a construction schedule spanning from December 2023 to February 2025, these renovations stand as a testament to Clemson University Athletics’ dedication to nurturing both athletic prowess and overall well-being among its student-athletes.

About the Jervey Gym Renovation Project:

Clemson University is embarking on a transformative journey with the newly announced renovations for Jervey Gym, a project poised to redefine the athletic experience for both athletes and fans alike. This ambitious undertaking encompasses a comprehensive 35,000 square-foot renovation that extends to the basement and gym area, demonstrating the university’s commitment to fostering excellence in athletics. One of the most striking elements of this renovation is the raising of the Jervey Gym Roof by an impressive 12 feet, surpassing NCAA minimum height standards and thereby enhancing the space’s functionality and modernity.

In line with Clemson’s dedication to providing the best facilities, the renovation plan includes a holistic overhaul. This encompasses the replacement of the gym’s flooring, bleacher seating, audio systems, lighting fixtures, scoreboard, and videoboard, ensuring that both athletes and spectators experience top-tier comfort and technological advancements. The addition of the Premium Ace’s Club overlooking the gym exemplifies the university’s commitment to creating a premier environment for fans, allowing them to enjoy the games from a vantage point of luxury and excitement. Moreover, the dedicated lobby and improved fan amenities, such as concessions and restrooms, will enhance the overall game-day experience.

Athlete-centric upgrades are a focal point of this renovation, evident in the tailored spaces for various sports. The new Volleyball Suite, complete with a team meeting room, lounge, locker room, and student-athlete amenities, underscores Clemson’s commitment to nurturing excellence within its sports programs. The Track & Field Locker Room & Lounge enhancements, spanning lockers, lighting, and graphics, provide athletes with a space designed to inspire and empower their performance.

As construction commences in November 2023, spanning two phases, the project is projected to be completed by February 2025. Clemson University’s renovations for Jervey Gym stand as a testament to its unwavering dedication to both the athletes and the fans, fostering an atmosphere of excellence and innovation that will undoubtedly shape the future of collegiate athletics.


Project Highlights

Clemson Athletics Performance and Wellness Project Highlights:

  • 55,000 SF New Building
  • Strength & Conditioning Center including a 40-yard dash
  • Wellness & Recovery Space including Cryo Therapy, Sensory Deprivation, Theralight, HydroMassage, etc
  • Hydrotherapy & Recovery Pools including Hot/Cold Plunge Pools, Underwater Treadmill and Custom Lap Pool
  • Sports Medicine Clinic with Exam and Procedure Rooms
  • Gatorade Fuel Bar and Sports Nutrition Services
  • Bistro & Outdoor Patio including Full Service Kitchen
  • Sustainable & Modern Design efforts currently include electrochromatic glass, circadian lighting and UV sterilization
  • Strong Focus on recycled and natural materials including the repurposing of reclaimed white oak trees from Lot 5 for furniture and wall treatments

Construction Schedule: December 2023 to February 2025

Jervey Gym Renovation Project:

35,000 SF Renovation including basement and gym

  • Raising of Jervey Gym Roof by 12’ to exceed NCAA minimum heights
  • Replacement of flooring, bleacher seating, audio, lighting, scoreboard and videoboard
  • Premium Ace’s Club overlooking Jervey Gym
  • Dedicated Lobby and improved fan amenities including concessions and restrooms
  • New Volleyball Suite including team meeting room, lounge, locker room and student-athlete amenities
  • Track & Field Locker Room & Lounge improvements including lockers, lighting, and graphics
  • Renovated West Lobby entrance to Jervey Facilities

Construction Schedule: November 2023 to August 2024; November 2024 to February 2025

Jervey & Performance and Wellness Center 360 Virtual Tour

Tour the New Building

Embark on an immersive journey of innovation and excellence with Clemson University’s self-guided 360-degree virtual tour showcasing the striking renderings of the upcoming Performance and Wellness Center and Jervey Gym renovations. This digital experience offers a unique perspective, allowing you to explore the cutting-edge design and intricate details that will define these transformative spaces. Step into the future as you navigate through the envisioned Strength & Conditioning Center, Wellness & Recovery Space, Sports Medicine Clinic, and more, gaining insights into the holistic approach that Clemson is adopting to nurture both physical prowess and well-being. Traverse the revitalized Jervey Gym, witnessing its raised roof, revamped amenities, and athlete-centric features firsthand. This virtual tour encapsulates the university’s commitment to pushing boundaries and creating an environment that celebrates excellence in both athletics and community engagement.

360 Degree Virtual Tour

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Watt Family Performance and Wellness Center Naming Opportunities

Naming Opportunities

A variety of naming opportunities are available at the new Athletic Performance & Wellness Center. To learn more about these opportunities please contact Director of IPTAY Major Gifts, Lauren Gaulin, at lgaulin@clemson.edu or (864)656-2608.

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Sports Performance

Clemson University Athletics’ visionary renovations are set to introduce a groundbreaking Strength & Conditioning Center, redefining the training landscape for student-athletes. Spanning an impressive 55,000 square feet, this facility will be at the forefront of athletic development. Central to its design is a dedicated 40-yard dash area, finely tuned to hone speed and agility skills critical to a range of sports disciplines. Complementing this space is an array of cutting-edge amenities, carefully curated to propel athletes to their peak potential. These meticulously planned features reflect the university’s dedication to creating a facility that serves as a cornerstone for athletic excellence and holistic development. Read more about Clemson Strength and Conditioning here. 



Sports Medicine

Embedded within Clemson University Athletics’ expansive renovation project is a forward-thinking Sports Medicine Clinic, meticulously designed to provide comprehensive care for student-athletes. Boasting dedicated Exam and Procedure Rooms, this clinic ensures swift and specialized medical attention, underlining the university’s commitment to the well-being of its athletes. Complementing this medical hub is an array of cutting-edge recovery amenities, designed to accelerate athletes’ recuperation. The Hydrotherapy & Recovery Pools, including Hot/Cold Plunge Pools, an Underwater Treadmill, and a Custom Lap Pool, offer tailored solutions for injury rehabilitation and physical rejuvenation. This integrated approach to medical care and recovery aligns seamlessly with Clemson’s vision for creating an environment where athletes can thrive physically and mentally, fostering a culture of holistic excellence. Read more about Sports medicine here.

Jervey Gym Renovations

Clemson University has unveiled an ambitious transformation with the revitalization of Jervey Gym, a project set to reimagine the athletic landscape and elevate the university’s sports facilities to new heights. This visionary renovation spans across 35,000 square feet, encompassing the gym and basement, showcasing the university’s commitment to fostering a cutting-edge environment for athletes and spectators alike. A striking elevation of the Jervey Gym Roof by 12 feet, surpassing NCAA minimum height standards, reflects Clemson’s dedication to providing state-of-the-art spaces that align with modern sports requirements.

The renovation plan is a comprehensive endeavor that covers every aspect of the gym’s functionality and aesthetics. From the replacement of flooring, bleacher seating, audio systems, lighting, scoreboard, and videoboard, to the introduction of the Premium Ace’s Club offering fans a luxurious vantage point, the enhancements are poised to revolutionize the game-day experience. Additionally, the project prioritizes the athletes’ needs with specialized spaces like the Volleyball Suite, designed with meticulous attention to detail, offering team meeting facilities, lounges, locker rooms, and amenities for student-athletes. This ambitious renovation project captures Clemson University’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and creating an environment that fosters both athletic prowess and community engagement. Read more about the Jervey Gym Renovations here.