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1999 Clemson Football Outlook

Aug. 11, 1999

The kicking game will be looking for two new starters in 1999. Punter Kevin Laird held the position for three years and left Clemson with five school records. He averaged 41.5 yards a boot on 75 punts last year. He was very effective when it came to field position, as his 17 punts over 50 yards and his 18 punts inside the 20 demonstrated. Placekicker David Richardson was 8-15 on field goals last year and was Clemson’s leading scorer with 44 points.

Both players left Clemson with degrees, but they also took all the kicking experience with them. No player on the Clemson roster has ever punted or place kicked in a Tiger game.

Ryan Romano, the top upperclassman on the football team in terms of grade point average, has been on the Clemson roster for two years and is a scholarship candidate for the punting postion. Tony Lazzara won the placekicking position in the spring. He consistently made field goals of 40 yards or more during spring scrimmages and had three field goals in the spring game.

The return game will feature Mal Lawyer. The senior had 14 kickoff returns for 247 yards a year ago. He was also working as a punt returner in the spring, but has never performed the duty in a game. Javis Austin and Brian Wofford are two more veterans with experience as far as kickoff returns are concerned. Travis Zachery is the top returnee as far as punt returns, he had 26-216 yards last year, an 8.3 average.