100 Years of Rivalry: Quotes

100 Years of Rivalry: Quotes

Nov. 22, 2002

Clemson-South Carolina Rivalry Quotes

“The more I think of this game, the weaker I get.”

Jess Nealy Former Clemson head coachThe Columbia State 1934

“Explaining Big Thursday to a South Carolinian is a useless as giving Liberace piano lessons, for that day rivals Christmas and July 4th as holidays.”

Charlotte Observer September 29, 1954

“The terrific interest it has manufactured in the nation and even outside this country might possibly have been brought about by its exclusivity, its ‘forbidden fruit’ for visitors. It’s something South Carolinians have that others wish they could have.”

Rex Enright Former USC head coach and athletic director Greenville News Oct. 17, 1956

“It wouldn’t make any difference if a couple of fraternities would suit up in Clemson and South Carolina football jerseys, as they have done in pre-game shenanigans, the divided loyal would fill the stadium. That’s the magnitude of the annual gridiron clash of South Carolina’s arch rivals. It’s a spirited, colorful, violent spectacle that has broken up marriages and businesses and an awful lot of hearts in the past 64 years”

Bob Myers Charlotte News November 25, 1966

“It’s a season in itself. It’s always a tossup, and this one may determine for us whether Santa Claus comes or not.”

Charley Pell Former Clemson head coach Greenville News November 16, 1977

“Every time we win, that’s my favortite one.”

Walter May Clemson fan and Columbia native Anderson Daily Mail November 21, 1980

“It doesn’t matter what kind of year each team is having. This game is played on emotion, not personnel.”

Jeff McCall Former Clemson fullback Associated Press November 19, 1981

“This photographer wanted to get a picture of me on the sidelines blowing a kiss. I wanted him to get a picture of the empty stands when we were beating them so bad, but I was glad to kiss all of that mess goodbye.”

Frank Howard On the photograph of him after the last Big Thursday game Spartanburg Herald Nov. 16, 1987

“Roddddddneeeey! Roddddddneeeey!”

Fans at Williams Brice Stadium towards Clemson quarterback Rodney Williams during South Carolina’s 20-7 victory in 1987

“Roddddddneeeey! Roddddddneeeey!”

Fans at Memorial Stadium towards Clemson quarterback Rodney Williams during Clemson’s 29-10 victory in 1988

“I think for the importance to our community, our state, my health and my job, this one would probably be very important.”

Danny Ford, Myrtle Beach Sun-News November 18, 1988

“They are converging in on the State Fair like ants crawling through dust for the barbecue of a sweeten crumb. Except they’re not crawling; they’re pushing their gas gondolas and sway-back mules faster than, perchance, the law allows, but who cares about a goggle-eyed speed cop when Carolina and Clemson playmates are tossing about restlessly on their feather beds waiting for the biggest game of the year in State athletics. Everybody who has the pristine guts to get the fullest enjoyment of life out of a real honest-to-goodness red-blooded battle of brawn, wants to be in Columbia for this day of days, when the Tigers and the Gamecocks risk life and limb for a glorious cause-yep, we do think football, inherently an American institution, is a game that’s worth the spill of blood, like in love.”

Scoop Latimer Greenville News 1928