U.S. Under-20 Soccer Falls to Italy

June 22, 2005

Enschede, Holland – The US Under-20 Men’s Soccer Team had one of the best performances of any other national team. Unfortunately for the U.S. Team, two own goals helped Italy defeat them 3-1 on Tuesday. Nathan Sturgis, a current player for the Clemson Men’s Soccer Team, was the second youngest player on the team.

His performance during this World Youth Cup event was incredible. He helped the U.S. team defeat Egypt to win the Group D division. His guidance in the backfield allowed Egypt only one shot on goal the entire game. Sturgis was unable to play Tuesday against Italy. The US Team had shutout every team going into the Italy match. Sturgis will hopefully be able to bring back the knowledge and experience he gained while playing for the U. S. Team and help guide the Men’s Soccer Team’s defense this fall.