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Feb 17, 2020

Clemson Compliance Corner

Clemson Compliance Corner - Extra Benefit Types

Please remember, as an IPTAY member, you are considered a representative of an institution’s athletics interests (i.e., booster) for Clemson University. As such, the NCAA has strict guidelines concerning boosters and their interaction with current student-athletes in the area of extra benefits.

It is important to remember extra benefits are not limited to obvious items (e.g., cash, cars, gifts). An extra benefit could also include the following:

  • Special access to an event (concert or party).
  • Free meal at a restaurant.
  • Access to private seating area at a game generally reserved for seat license holders.
  • Reduced rent or unique rental agreement late payment policy.

When a booster provides an extra benefit to a student-athlete, it puts their college athletics eligibility at risk. Furthermore, the booster may be subject to adverse disciplinary measures which could include loss of booster benefits or disassociation from Clemson University.

Please continue to Ask Before You Act and always feel free to contact Clemson University Athletic Compliance Services at