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Feb 03, 2020

Clemson Compliance Corner

Clemson Compliance Corner - Boosters Assisting with Recruits

Please remember, as an IPTAY member, you are considered a representative of an institution’s athletics interests (i.e., booster) for Clemson University. As such, the NCAA has strict guidelines concerning boosters and their interaction with prospective student-athletes (i.e., generally 9th – 12th graders or any other unofficial visitors, prep school students, and junior college student-athletes).

Boosters are strictly prohibited from engaging in any type of recruiting activity with potential prospects and their family/friends. Additionally, boosters may not perform any impermissible recruiting activities, which could include the following:

– calling/interacting with recruits
– providing gifts or any material benefits to recruits
– providing transportation or access to free or reduced-cost services to recruits

However, a booster may do the following:

– attend high school or 2-year college games in which recruits are participating as long as boosters do not engage in any type of conversation or communication with the recruit

Please continue to Ask Before You Act and always feel free to contact Clemson University Athletic Compliance Services at