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Sep 02, 2019

Clemson Compliance Corner

NCAA Rules Scenario - Boosters with Current Student-Athletes

MOU – CLEMSON COMPLIANCE CORNER (Monday, September 2, 2019)

At Clemson University, we are thankful for our generous IPTAY members who help our student-athletes succeed in competition, the classroom, and the community. Accordingly, it is vital all IPTAY members understand NCAA rules so as not to do anything that could jeopardize our student-athletes’ eligibility. The below scenario is fictional but is based on situations that have occurred at other institutions.

The leading scorer of Elite State University’s (ESU’s) Men’s Soccer team, Fore Ward, attended an ESU Women’s Soccer game and got to talking with an ESU booster. The booster and Fore Ward share an interest in Major League Soccer, and the booster invited Ward to an upcoming MLS game within 30 miles of ESU. The booster’s wife and two children are unable to attend the targeted game, so he invited Ward and two of his friends to attend the game free of charge with him in their stead. Would this be permissible under NCAA rules?

A.  Yes, if the price per ticket is less than $50.

B.  Yes, as long as transportation is not also provided by the booster.

C.  No, because the student-athlete’s friends would not also be able to receive the free tickets.

D.  No, because this would be considered an extra benefit and impermissible for a current student- athlete to receive.

The answer is D. This student-athlete’s eligibility would be jeopardized. The applicable NCAA rule is below: Professional Sports Tickets. [A] An institution or any representative of its athletics interests may not purchase or otherwise obtain tickets to a professional sports event and make these tickets available to student-athletes enrolled in an NCAA member institution. Such a gift of tickets would represent an unacceptable extra benefit. (Revised: 1/19/13 effective 8/1/13, 8/7/14)

Please remember to always Ask Before You Act!



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