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Oct 14, 2019

Clemson Compliance Corner

Clemson Compliance Corner - Role of IPTAY Members in Promoting Compliance

For this week’s Clemson Compliance Corner, we are reminding you about the integral role you play in helping Clemson University Athletic Compliance Services (CUACS) support our Tiger student-athletes, coaches, and staff. As Clemson University is a proud member of the NCAA, CUACS is the office on Clemson’s campus charged with ensuring the university maintains full control of activities associated with Clemson Athletics. CUACS ensures the athletic department and university are continuously operating within the rules and policies set forth by the NCAA, ACC, and the university.

Safeguards designed to protect the university and its athletic programs begins with education. CUACS is the athletic department’s coordinator of rules education for all constituent groups who potentially have an impact on athletic programs and student-athletes. For example, this education includes potential topics such as the following:

  • Student-Athlete Eligibility
  • Recruiting Restrictions
  • Coaching Responsibilities
  • Academic Requirements
  • Financial Aid
  • Awards and Benefits
  • On-Field/On-Court Athletic Activity

Any of these areas could impact the eligibility of our student-athletes and the standing of our sport programs. Overall, compliance is a shared responsibility including faculty, staff, alumni, community members, and business leaders. We all must work hard each day to protect the university and its athletic programs.

Specifically, you can help by doing the following:

  • Contact CUACS if you see anything peculiar involving student-athletes, recruits, or coaches in your community.
  • Contact CUACS before offering a current student-athlete an employment opportunity (e.g., camp, volunteer, internship).
  • Do not provide gifts and/or benefits directly to student-athletes. Contact CUACS or IPTAY to learn what can be donated to Clemson Athletics for the benefit of student-athletes.
  • For business owners, please reach out to CUACS to learn more about our new Tiger Watch initiative and how your business can be directly involved with CUACS and Clemson Athletics to support our services to Tiger student-athletes, coaches, and staff.

Please continue to Ask Before You Act and always feel free to contact Clemson University Athletic Compliance Services at