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Jul 27, 2020

CUAD and IPTAY 2020 Fan Survey Results – July 2020

On July 9, Clemson Athletics and IPTAY sent a survey to nearly 12,000 football season ticket holders, who have requested more than 56,000 tickets for 2020. In all, 8,575 responses came in, a 71.4% response rate.

Some key findings were initially presented to Clemson’s Board of Trustees on July 24, 2020.

The 23-question survey was designed to learn more about fans’ interpretations of how they see the upcoming 2020-21 athletic season. The full list of questions are available here: CUAD & IPTAY Survey Questions (PDF)

The Results - Quantitative Data

Desktop Viewing Recommended:

Open-Ended Responses

In addition to the quantitative data, more than 10,000 total responses came in on two open-ended questions. The full sheet of open-ended responses are available below. All responses have been randomized and are anonymous.

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Results in .jpg form: