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Sep 11, 2020

Clemson Student-Athletes Create UNITY. Design

In an effort to show solidarity and continue to use their platform for change, Clemson student-athletes have joined together to create a “UNITY.” design. The mark was designed by the student-athletes and will be available for sale on Friday.

The movement towards creating a shirt that represents the athletic department’s unity came from a Tigers Unite town hall meeting in early July. Anthony Hines, one of Clemson’s assistant directors of student-athlete development, said, “At that meeting, a group was established to come up with ideas for our movement. That’s where C.O.D.E. was reestablished and a request for a shirt was made.” C.O.D.E. stands for Commission on Diverse Empowerment and is represented by members of every athletic team at Clemson with a unified mission of educating and highlighting the importance of cultural diversity.

“We hope this design creates more conversations within Clemson homes,” said Hines. “Whether it’s with a peer or someone in your family, we hope that conversations happen about what’s happening around the world and how we can change it.”

The student-athletes aim to influence other schools and groups to be unified and embrace diversity on their teams and at their universities. A portion of the proceeds will be directed to support select, local Clemson organizations that enhance Unity and Inclusion in their overall mission. A different organization will be chosen by a student-athlete vote at the end of every quarter.

Learn More: Unity

Student-athletes will wear the “UNITY.” shirt on many gamedays, and fans are able to purchase the shirt at or at a local Clemson licensed product retailer.

Local retailers include:
Tigertown Graphics
Judge Keller’s
Tiger Sports Shop
The Tiger Sports Shop
Alumni Hall
and other Clemson-licensed product retailers

Student-Athlete Quotes

“Our mission is to unify all student-athletes through a visual demonstration that ensures full support of student-athlete diversity from Clemson Athletics.” — Bridget Kane, Rowing, Tigers Unite President.

“I believe the shirts are a way to bring us all together as one team to fight the racial injustices on the biggest platform we have…ourselves. With everything going on we are coming together as Clemson athletes on a United front to show our support for one another despite our differences. I hope that the shirt is the stepping stone we need to see the visual changes we want to be apart of at Clemson.” — Crystal Childs, Volleyball, C.O.D.E. student-athlete leader.

“We wanted to have a visual representation that Clemson Athletics stands with minority groups and against oppression. We wanted to show that the injustices are still going on.” — Amelia Jones, Cross Country and Track & Field, Clemson S.A.A.C. and C.O.D.E. member.