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Oct 12, 2020

Clemson Compliance Corner

Clemson Compliance Corner - NCAA Rules Covering Local Businesses - Student-Athlete Extra Benefits & Prospective Student-Athlete Recruiting Inducements

As Clemson University is a proud of member of the NCAA, our athletics staff and student-athletes are committed to the principle of athletics compliance and ensuring we play by the rules at all times. IPTAY members play a vital role in the support of our student-athletes, and it is crucial we all do nothing to jeopardize the eligibility of our student-athletes.

The basic NCAA extra benefits principle for student-athletes, their families, and their friends is that they should be treated the same as the rest of the general student population and should not be receiving something extra due to their status as a student-athlete. The provision of an extra benefit can render student-athletes ineligible and require them to go through the NCAA Student-Athlete Reinstatement process with the potential for mandated withholding from competition.

For prospective student-athletes (PSAs), the same extra benefits principles apply to them and their families and friends. With PSAs, the NCAA terms this type of impermissible activity as recruiting inducements. Please remember, PSAs are generally considered the following types of individuals:

  • 7th – 12th graders in Men’s Basketball and Softball
  • 9th – 12th graders in all other sports
  • Prep school students
  • Junior college students

If you are a local business owner, please remember the below guidance associated with the NCAA extra benefits and recruiting inducements rules covering student-athletes, prospective student-athletes, their families, and their friends:

  • No Clemson student-athlete or prospective student-athlete or their family or friends may receive an extra benefit or recruiting inducement if other customers of commercial organizations are not also provided the same products or services. Examples of these types of extra benefits/recruiting inducements are as follows (list is not exhaustive):
    • Hotel Examples:  Room upgrades, discounted or special room rates, free meal vouchers, welcome decorations, gifts, access to minibar, free movies, spa treatment, upgraded internet above standard complimentary-provided access.
    • Restaurant Examples:  Complimentary or discounted meals or drinks, free restaurant merchandise.
    • Lodging Examples:  Free or reduced rent.
    • Vehicle Examples:  Free or discounted financing on new vehicle, free vehicle wash service, free or discounted rental cars, free or discounted dealership loaner.
    • Miscellaneous Examples:  Free or discounted tattoos, haircuts, pet services, etc.

Please continue to Ask Before You Act to avoid any extra benefits or recruiting inducements scenarios, and always feel free to contact Clemson University Athletics Compliance Services at