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Tigers Take Second in Carolinas Cup

Tigers Take Second in Carolinas Cup

CLEMSON, S.C. — Clemson took second place Saturday at the Carolinas Cup, the 16th running of the championship held between the Tigers, Duke and North Carolina. The Blue Devils captured the Daughtry Cup trophy for the first time since 2007, winning with a total of 99 team points over five events. Clemson had 87, followed by North Carolina’s 78.

Clemson finished second in four of the five races. The most exciting was the final race of the morning, the First Varsity 8+. Clemson held off a late push from North Carolina, topping the Tar Heel boat by one second.

Clemson is on spring break next week before returning to racing action on April 1 against Columbia and Princeton in Leonia, N.J.



  1. Duke 99; 2. Clemson 87; 3. North Carolina 78

First Varsity 8+

  1. Duke 6:41.3; 2. Clemson 6:54.5; 3. North Carolina 6:55.5

Second Varsity 8+

  1. Duke 6:47.3; 2. Clemson 6:57.0; 3. North Carolina 7:07.9

Third Varsity 8+

  1. Duke 7:05.5; 2. North Carolina 7:14.6; 3. Clemson 7:25.7

First Varsity 4+

  1. Duke 7:27.1; 2. Clemson 7:38.7; 3. North Carolina 7:39.8

Second Varsity 4+

  1. Duke 7:37.4; 2. Clemson 7:43.3; 3. North Carolina 8:11.6


1V8: Emily Goff (cox), Sarah Decker, Ashley Robinson, Julia Meredith, Cassidy Davidson, Jenny D’Anthony, Taryn Carroll, Amelia Shein, Lydia Hanewich

2V8: Kasi Sweisford (cox), Rachel Mumau, Anna McLean, Megan Mars, Amber Rewis, Elise Sum, Isla McRae, Hannah Maeser, Rebecca Pulsifer

3V8: Kelsey Sox (cox), Lorena Croft, Katelyn Kerrick, Hannah Zerwas, Aubrey Miller, Claire Prevost, Maura Chozick, Caelin McDonald

1V4: Megan Kauffeld (cox), Brynn Hentschel, Rachel Salvia, Rebecca Simonetti, Julia Mathews

2V4: Rebekah Stein (cox) Kira Ritter, Maddie Macrone, Makenna Farr, Sophia Porach