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Tigers Shine at Head of the Hooch

Tigers Shine at Head of the Hooch

CHATTANOOGA, TENN. – The Clemson rowing team made an impressive showing this weekend at the Head of the Hooch, medaling in every race they competed in. The Tigers fielded 14 boats across seven different meets.

“While winning isn’t the sole focus of our program, we do place a strong emphasis on putting forth a winning effort every day.  This weekend’s results are a good test of our training this season and, though we still have a long way to go, it is encouraging to see this kind of effort from the entire team,” said Head Coach Stephen Frazier-Wong.

The Tigers got off to a strong start on the weekend with a first place finish by the Varsity 8+ in the Championship 8+ race. The 2nd Varsity 8+ and the 3rd Varsity 8+ also made strong showings in their classes, finishing second and first, respectively.

The Tigers then followed with a silver medal in the Novice 8+, and their second gold of the weekend thanks to Paula Wesselmann and Milena Heuer’s performance in the 2x . The Varsity 4+ ended Saturday with a bronze medal finish.

“This weekend we got to race in many boats, our team was united, and we felt confident in all of our races,” said senior Gaia Nencini. “We had to deal with wind and rainy weather, but I think that we all raced smart and the most important thing was that we were really focused on what we had to do and that showed in our results.”

On Sunday the Tigers opened with a silver in the 2- and the Open 8+. The weekend was capped off with a gold medal effort in the 4x by Julia Meredith, Amber Rewis, Isla McRae, and Rebecca Simonetti.

“It was really exciting to see us medal in each race and know that our training is paying off,” said senior Dana Zielinksi. “It was a solid effort from everyone in all races and an overall successful weekend. We can take what we learned from our races to keep improving and getting faster.”

The Tigers will close out their fall slate of races on Nov. 14-15 in Charlottesville, Va., at the Rivanna Romp.

“We’re looking forward to a strong finish to the fall season next weekend at Virginia; we’ll face some stiff competition and we want to bring the same focus and confidence to Charlottesville” said Frazier-Wong.

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Championship 8+

A- Emily Goff (Cox), Paula Wesselmann (Stroke), Tatiana Lundstrom (7), Milena Heuer (6), Dana Zielinski (5), Giorgia Bergamasco (4), Ashley Robinson (3), Claire Prevost (2), Gaia Nencini (Bow)

B- Katie Eidson (Cox), Erin Ferguson (Stroke), Sophia Porach (7), Lorena Croft (6), Courtney Fallon (5), Emily Radziwon (4), Cassidy Davidson (3), Anna Skochdopole (2), Lydia Hanewich (Bow)

C- Megan Kauffeld (Cox), Julia Meredith (Stroke), Emma Neat (7), Amber Rewis (6), Katherine Peters (5), Alison Rehfus (4), Rebecca Simonetti (3), Maddie Macrone (2), Hannah Maeser (Bow)

Novice 8+

Rebekah Stein (Cox), Anna McLean (Stroke), Megan Mars (7), Julia Mathews (6), Jennifer D’Anthony (5), Isla McRae (4), Taylor Bigger (3), Elizabeth Sessinger (2), Lauren Ackerman (Bow)

Championship 2x

A- Paula Wesselmann (Stroke), Milena Heuer (Bow)

B- Gaia Nencini (Stroke), Giorgia Bergamasco (Bow)

Championship 4+

A- Emily Goff (cox), Tatiana Lundstrom (Stroke), Lorena Croft (3), Ashley Robinson (2), Claire Prevost (Bow)

B- Katie Eidson (Cox), Erin Ferguson (Stroke), Sophia Porach (3), Lydia Hanewich (2), Anna Skochdopole (Bow)

Open 2-

A- Paula Wesselmann (Stroke), Tatiana Lundstrom (Bow)

B- Giorgia Bergamasco (Stroke), Gaia Nencini (Bow)

C- Courtney Fallon (Stroke), Anna Skochdopole (Bow)

Open 8+

A- Rebekah Stein (Cox), Lorena Croft (Stroke), Dana Zielinski (7), Erin Ferguson (6), Ashley Robinson (5), Megan Mars (4), Sophia Porach (3), Claire Prevost (2), Lydia Hanewich (Bow)

B- Kasi Sweisford (Cox), Anna McLean (Stroke), Emma Neat (7), Cassidy Davidson (6), Amelia Shein (5), Julia Mathews (4), Emily Radziwon (3), Alison Rehfus (2), Hannah Maeser (Bow)

Open 4x

Julia Meredith (Stroke), Amber Rewis (3), Isla McRae (2), Rebecca Simonetti (Bow)