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Tigers Perform Well at Clemson Challenge

Tigers Perform Well at Clemson Challenge

March 15, 2008

Clemson, SC – The Clemson rowing team had a strong performance at the Clemson Challenge held on Lake Hartwell Saturday morning. The Tigers got victories from both the Varsity and Second Varsity 8+ crews, as well as the Novice 8+ boat.

Despite a late start due to rain, the Varsity 8+ crew came in first in their race with a time of 6:48.7. The crew, which consisted of Elyse Roenick (coxswain), Brittany Robinson, Ford Heiner, Megan Bendik, Mairi Trimboli, Suzanne Van Fleet, and Jessica Leidecker, was followed by Penn (6:57.63), Indiana (7:07.7), Purdue (7:09.53), and Ithaca (7:15.95).

The Second Varity 8+ race followed, and Clemson was again victorious with a time of 7:03.6. Pennsylvania was second with a time of 7:14.71, and Indiana wasn’t far behind with a time of 7:17.53. Purdue and Ithaca finished fourth and fifth, respectively. Clemson’s winning crew consisted of Abbey Fernandez (coxswain), Allison Colberg, Kelly Murphy, Brittany Cummings, Nicole Rau, Catie Cornette, Hilary Cumbest, Caitlin O’Neil and Blair Brendle.

Pennsylvania came out on top in the Varsity 4+ race with a time of 8:07.9, while Clemson’s Second Varsity 4+ was a close second with a time of 8:09.34. Clemson’s Varsity 4+ boat was third and was followed by Indiana and Penn’s Second Varsity 4+.

Clemson’s Novice 8+ crew dominated their race, finishing 12 seconds ahead of Pennsylvania (7:26.05). The Tiger’s boat consisted of Victoria Graham (coxswain), Corey Geer, Leah Kelly, Sarah Daanen, Emily Forney, Grace Wolff, Mitchel Robinson, Kelsey Hudome, and Paige Griffith. Purdue finished third, while Indiana and Ithaca finished fourth and fifth.

In the Novice 4+ race, Pennsylvania came out on top with a time of 8:10.0. Clemson finished in second with a time of 8:16.84, while Penn’s Second Novice 4+ boat crossed the finish line third.

Clemson did not compete in the final race of the day, which consisted of both Novice and Varsity boats. Ithaca’s Second Varsity 8+ finished just one second ahead of Purdue’s Third Varsity 8+, which finished with a time of 7:47.0. They were followed by Purdue’s Second Novice 8+ (7:59.66), Purdue’s Third Varsity 8+ (8:30.7), and Ithaca’s Third Varsity 8+ (8:52.67).

“We had a good, aggressive effort by all and look forward to spring break and finding more speed in preparation for Cornell and the San Diego Crew Classic,” said Head Coach Richard Ruggieri.

Footage from the regatta is available on demand at

The Tigers return to action next Saturday morning for an 8:00 AM matchup against Cornell on Lake Hartwell.