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Tigers Finish Sixth in South Region

Tigers Finish Sixth in South Region

May 16, 2004

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Clemson rowing earned a 14th place overall finish, sixth in the South Region at the 2004 Central/South Region Sprints in Oak Ridge, TN on Lake Melton today. With a total of 404 points, the University of Virginia won both the overall and South Region titles.

Earning the biggest win for the Tigers today, the 1st Novice 8+ took third overall and first in the South Region in the Final A event crossing the finish line in 7:09.7. The 1st Varsity 4+ also showed a strong performance in the Final A race with a fourth place overall finish in 7:39.3. The 1st Varsity 4+ placed second overall.

Also competing in the Final A was the Tigers 2nd Varsity 4+ competing in the Open 4 event. The crew took 6th overall in this event with a finishing time of 8:08.0.

Racing in the C Level Final, The 1st Varsity 8+ took fifth with a time of 7:07.3. The 2nd Varsity 8+ placed second in 7:23.6 in the D Level Finals over its respective event.

This concludes racing action for Clemson rowing for the 2004 Spring season.

Final Results:

1st Varsity 8+ C Level Final: Miami (6:56.8), Indiana (7:01.9), Louisville (7:02.0), Kansas State (7:03.5), Clemson (7:07.3), SMU 7:07.5

2nd Varsity 8+ D Level Final: North Carolina (7:20.7), Clemson (7:23.6), Indiana (7:25.3)

1st Novice 8+ Final A: Kansas (7:05.3), Ohio State (7:09.4), Clemson (7:09.7), Wisconsin (7:10.8), Miami (7:16.0), Notre Dame (7:20.7)

1st Varsity 4+ Final A: Virginia (7:33.1), Wisconsin (7:37.0), Ohio State (7:38.4), Clemson (7:39.3), Notre Dame (7:44.5), Michigan (7:45.3)

Open 4 Final A: Michigan (7:42.8), Virginia (7:45.9), Wisconsin (7:48.5), Notre Dame (7:50.2), Ohio State (7:53.2), Clemson (8:08.0)