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Tigers Finish Fall With Rivanna Romp

Tigers Finish Fall With Rivanna Romp

Charlottesville, Va. – The Clemson rowing team concluded the fall schedule with the Rivanna Romp today against some of the nation’s top competition. The Tigers competed in two events, the Varsity Eights and Varsity Fours, with nine total boats in action.

The Varsity Eights started the day at 9 a.m. The Clemson “A” boat recorded the highest finish for the Tigers in the event, an 11th place finish with a time of 14:26.2. The Clemson “B” boat followed close behind, rowing to a 12th place finish and a time of 14:29.4. The Clemson “C” boat finished 19th with a time of 14:57.1. Virginia had three boats in the top four in the event, including the top boat, Virginia “A”,  which finished with a time of 13:09.8, 38 seconds ahead of second place Louisville “A”. In all, 24 boats competed in the race.

The Clemson “A” boat highlighted the day for the Tigers in the Varsity Fours, rowing to a fifth place finish with an overall time of 15:37.5. The race was a clean sweep for Virginia who captured the top three spots with the winning time of 15:02.3 coming from Virginia “A”. ACC schools captured the top six spots with Louisville “A” finishing in fourth and Duke “A” finishing in sixth. Clemson “C” was the next highest finishing boat for the Tigers, coming in 17th place followed closely by Clemson “D” in 18th and Clemson “B” in 20th, all of who finished within 1.5 seconds of each other. The final two Tiger boats finished 30th and 34th.

With the fall portion of the schedule now complete, Clemson will enter winter training. The Tigers return to the water in February to begin the spring.

Final Results:

Varsity 8+: 1. UVA “A”, 13:09.8; 2. Louisville “A”, 13:47.1; 3. UVA “B”, 13:49.7; 4. UVA “C”, 13:52.8; 5. Columbia “A”, 13:58.1; 6. Louisville “B”, 14:00.7; 7. UVA “D”, 14:08.4; 8. Penn “A”, 14:09.8; 9. Oklahoma “A”, 14:13.3; 10. Duke “A”, 14:15.4; 11. Clemson “A”, 14:26.2; 12. Clemson “B”, 14:29.4; 19. Clemson “C”, 14:57.1

Varsity 4+: 1. UVA “A”, 15:02.3; 2. UVA “C”, 15:06.5; 3. UVA “B”, 15:16.7; 4. Louisville “A”, 15:29.8; 5. Clemson “A”, 15:37.5; 6. Duke “A”, 15:40.0; 7. Oklahoma “A”, 15:44.1; 8. UVA “E”, 15:44.4; 9. Penn “A”, 15:45.4; 10. UVA “H”, 15:52.0; 17. Clemson “C”, 16:09.2; 18: Clemson “D”, 16:09.4; 20. Clemson “B”, 16:10.7; 30. Clemson “E”, 16:41.4; 34. Clemson “F”, 17:09.2