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Tigers Compete at ACC/Big Ten Challenge

Tigers Compete at ACC/Big Ten Challenge

COLUMBUS, OHIO.— The Clemson Rowing team faced a tall order Saturday morning as they competed in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge on the Scioto River in Columbus, Ohio. The Tigers squared off against third-ranked Ohio State, followed by sixth-ranked Michigan, and Michigan State.

“Today was a great chance to face some outstanding competition.  I was proud of the effort and attitude of our team. We stepped up elements of our mental game, so I am excited to see where we can go from here” said senior Erin Ferguson.

The Tigers began the morning racing against the reigning national champions, Ohio State. The Buckeyes proved too much for the Tigers in the first four races. The Tigers managed to close the opening session on a high note though as the 3V8 finished first with a time of 7:08.7; nearly 20 seconds ahead of the Buckeyes (7:27.5).

The second session saw the Tigers go head to head with Michigan and Michigan State. After placing third in the 1V8, the Tigers were able to secure second place finishes the rest of the way.

“It was great to compete with such great teams. The whole team did a great job being united and handling the weather conditions,” said senior Giorgia Bergamasco. “We are going to keep in mind what we did wrong and focus on it at practice. I can’t wait for the Clemson Invitational in two weeks to show what we are capable of.”

“We faced very fast competition today that we’ll see again at the Clemson Invitational. We’re looking to take the lessons we learned from these races to focus our practices and preparation in the next two weeks,” said Head Coach Stephen Frazier Wong.

The Clemson Rowing heads home now to prepare for the Clemson Invitational, Clemson’s largest home regatta of the season. The two-day event on April 16-17 will feature 20 of the best teams from across the nation. More information can be found here.



Vs. Ohio State

1V8+: 1. Ohio State (6:23.9); 2. Clemson (6:46.4)

2V8+: 1. Ohio State (6:33.1); 2. Clemson (6:51.3)

1V4+: 1. Ohio State (7:16.2); 2. Clemson (7:39.1)

2V4+: 1. Ohio State (7:24.9); 2. Clemson (7:38.2)

3V8+: 1. Clemson (7:08.7); 2. Ohio State (7:27.5)

Vs. Michigan/Michigan St.

1V8+: 1. Michigan (6:40.7); 2. Michigan State (6:45.9); 3. Clemson (6:54.9)

2V8+: 1. Michigan (6:51.9); 2. Clemson (7:04.7); 3. Michigan State (7:20.5)

1V4+: 1. Michigan (7:44.2); 2. Clemson (7:55.2); 3. Michigan State (8:01.2)

2V4+: 1. Michigan (7:43.0); 2. Clemson (8:01.4); 3. Michigan State (8:43.0)

3V8+: 1. Michigan State (7:18.5); 2. Clemson (7:20.0); 3. Michigan (7:23.4)


1V8: Emily Goff (Cox), Paula Wesselmann, Dana Zielinski, Milena Heuer, Ashley Robinson, Becca Kretzer, Rachel Salvia, Giorgia Bergamasco, Gaia Nencini

2V8: Katie Eidson (Cox), Julia Meredith, Cassidy Davidson, Erin Ferguson, Courtney Fallon, Amber Rewis, Jenny D’Anthony, Lydia Hanewich, Lorena Croft

1V4: Megan Kauffeld (Cox), Anna McLean, Alexis Georgia, Claire Prevost, Sophia Porach

2V4: Rita Catherine O’Shea (Cox), Emily Radziwon, Megan Mars, Julia Mathews, Anna Skochdopole

3V8: Rebekah Stein (Cox), Emma Neat, Sarah Decker, Brynn Hentschel, Sarah Suddarth, Amelia Shein, Isla McRae, Hannah Maeser, Emma Knight