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Tiger Rowing to Compete at Central/South Sprints

Tiger Rowing to Compete at Central/South Sprints

May 12, 2006

The Clemson rowing team will take part in the Central & South Region Sprints this weekend on Melton Hill Lake in Oak Ridge, TN. The regatta will be sponsored by Aramark for the second straight year.

Clemson and the other schools will compete in various heats on Saturday morning to determine which teams will advance to the semifinals in the afternoon. In the first and second varsity 8+ races, the top three finishers move on to the A and B semifinals, while the remaining finishers are put into C and D semifinals. The varsity 8+ will race in a heat with Duke, Kansas State, Michigan, and Tennessee. The second varsity 8+ heat contains the likes of Kansas, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Texas.

The varsity 4+, Clemson’s top performing boat at the ACC Championships, will race its heat at 10:10 AM, with the top four finishers advancing to the A and B semifinals. Clemson is in a heat with Kansas, Kansas State, Michigan, Michigan State, and Notre Dame.

The novice 8+ will race at 9:40 AM against Indiana, Kansas, Kansas State, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Tennessee. The winner of that heat will advance to Sunday’s final, while the rest will be sent to repechages Saturday afternoon in an attempt to qualify for Sunday’s final.

Saturday’s Schedule of Events Novice 8+ Heat 2 (9:40 AM) Varsity 4+ Heat 2 (10:10 AM) Second Varsity 8+ Heat 1 (10:30 AM) Varsity 8+ Heat 2 (11:20 AM) Novice 8+ Repechages 2:20-2:30 PM Varsity 4+ Semifinals 2:40-2:50 PM Second Varsity 8+ Semifinals 3:00-3:30 PM Varsity 8+ Semifinals 3:40-4:10 PM