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“Sudds Talk” March 6

“Sudds Talk” March 6

Racing season is officially here!

Finally, after months of anxiously awaiting getting back on the 2k course, racing is beginning! Last week the Clemson Tigers started off the 2015 spring season with a friendly race against Eastern Michigan, who was here on Lake Hartwell on their spring training trip. It was a windy Saturday morning when both teams arrived at the site of our renowned racecourse. Everyone was excited in the locker room- I cannot count the number of snap chats posted by my teammates exclaiming “Race Day in Clemson!” The atmosphere was incredibly high-energy as the upperclassmen taught some of our race-day traditions to the freshmen. Overall, it was a successful day of racing and a great way to open our spring season. Next weekend, we have another smaller race against Syracuse, Duke, and Boston Lightweights, but the Clemson Invitational and ACCs are right around the corner!