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“Sudds Talk” Feb. 6

“Sudds Talk” Feb. 6

In the rowing world, “tests” are important erg pieces of a certain length, typically 2000 or 6000 or meters. They are incredibly taxing, both physically and mentally, and are a true display of power, speed and endurance. Today, we took a 6K test. As we sat ready on the ergs, poised for the start of the race, a nervous excitement filled the air. Suddenly, Coach bellows, “attention! GO!” The fans start spinning, music is blasting, and the atmosphere in the boathouse turns from excited tension to pure adrenaline as the long racing piece begins.

Every day this week, we’ve taken a few minutes out of practice to share and discuss quotes chosen by the coxswains. Junior Katie Eidson’s quote perfectly exemplifies testing day.

“Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our potential.” 

Like any race, an erg test is an opportunity to see the results of your effort and to blow any previous expectations out of the water. As Tigers, we strive to push limits every day, and it is this strong work ethic and focused mentality that wins races more than any innate “strength or intelligence,” as the quote says. Today’s test was a benchmark to show that the hard work is paying off, and we’re very excited to continue our training on the water as the weather gets warmer and spring racing begins!