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Aug 26, 2019

SOFA Board Call for Representatives


CLEMSON, S.C. – Clemson Athletics is seeking season ticket holders interested in serving on the Solid Orange Fan Advisory (SOFA) Board for the 2020 season. The initiative started in 2014, gives football season ticket holders a forum for input and feedback as Clemson continues to evaluate its football gameday experience.

“We constantly focus on developing the fan experience at every Clemson event,” director of athletics Dan Radakovich said. “We have a truly remarkable environment, and we need to make sure we’re doing everything we can to make it even better. Getting the feedback from our fans first-hand allows us to engage in and prioritize opportunities that we might otherwise miss.”

The SOFA Board allows fans to contribute ideas and provide feedback on numerous topics relating to the fan experience while representing the interests of all Clemson season ticket holders. Requirements to serve on the SOFA Board include:

Avid Clemson fan who is willing to represent the Clemson fanbase and provide feedback to Clemson Administration
Willing to attend 2-4 meetings a year (a combination of in-person and webinars)
Serve for a term limit of two (2) years

“We’re always looking for ways to get better from an entertainment and fan enjoyment perspective, and what better way to learn what fans want than to ask them directly,” Assistant AD for Marketing Mike Money said. “With all the different ways for our season ticket holders to consume a game now, we need to be proactive in making the in-stadium experience better than staying home and watching the game from their sofa.”

Fans interested in applying to be a member of the board please can complete a brief application HERE.