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Postgame Quotes

May 8, 2009


Head Coach Nancy Harris “We practiced very hard this past week. I think we were a bit rusty at the four, five and six positions. Winthrop played very well; they were a great first-round match for us to prepare us for tomorrow (against North Carolina).”

“We were absolutely delighted to get the win today. I was really excited about the doubles because I thought they were very focused in doubles.”


Clemson player Josipa Bek “As a team, everybody was so concentrated. Everybody was fighting hard and, luckily, we were the first team to four points.”

“I hope our fans will come and cheer for us tomorrow against North Carolina. We know a lot of their players and they know us. We’ll see who plays the better game tomorrow and that team will win. I just hope it is Clemson.”


Winthrop Head Coach Cid Carvalho “I give credit to Clemson. They came out very strong in doubles.”

“I am very proud of my girls and how they fought in singles. I’m proud of my girls for the season they had and I wish Clemson luck in the NCAA Tournament.”