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No. 18 Clemson Competitive Against San Diego and No. 6 Southern Cal On Saturday

No. 18 Clemson Competitive Against San Diego and No. 6 Southern Cal On Saturday

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. – The 18th-ranked women’s rowing team won two of eight races against San Diego and sixth-ranked Southern Cal on Saturday in Redwood Shores, Calif.

The Tigers started the day splitting four races with San Diego. Clemson’s First Varsity 8+ remained undefeated on the season, at the time, by knocking off the Toreros with a time of 6:36.71. It was the fourth-straight win of the season for the reigning ACC Crew-of-the-Week.

The Clemson Second Varsity 8+ then won their opening race of the day with a time of 6:56.54. It was the second-straight win for the 2V8 after topping Duke and four others last weekend in their first win of the season.

In the afternoon session, Clemson struggled against the top-10 Trojans. The First Varsity 8+ lost their first race of the season to the strong Southern Cal squad. USC recorded a time of 6:30.20 ahead of the Tigers’ time of 6:45.70.

The 2V8 fell in their afternoon race in a decisive victory for the Southern Cal 2V8 crew. It was the first loss of the season for the 2V8 in a race solely comprised of 2V8 crews. The Tigers 2V8 competed against a mix 1V8 and 2V8 crews in the first two regattas of the season.

Clemson’s First Varsity 4+ and Second Varsity 4+ each finished second in both of their respective races. Both crews did improve their times from the morning races to the afternoon races.

The Tigers will be back in action tomorrow at the Redwood Lagoon when they take on 16th-ranked Louisville in four races. The two will go head-to-head beginning at 12:10 p.m. Eastern time (9:10 a.m. Pacific time) with the First Varsity 8+ race.

Clemson ResultsRedwood Shores LagoonSaturday, March 29First Varsity 8s1. Clemson – 6:36.712. San Diego – 6:39.34

Second Varsity 8s1. Clemson – 6:56.542. San Diego – 7:03.45

First Varsity 4s1. San Diego – 7:39.832. Clemson – 7:43.64

Second Varsity 4s1. San Diego – 7:57.482. Clemson – 8:08.44

First Varsity 8s1. Southern Cal – 6:30.202. Clemson – 6:45.70

Second Varsity 8s1. Southern Cal – 6:36.802. Clemson – 6:55.90

First Varsity 4s1. Southern Cal – 7:22.302. Clemson – 7:28.60

Second Varsity 4s1. Southern Cal – 7:30.402. Clemson – 7:58.10

LineupsFirst Varsity 8+Izze Germano (cox.), Samantha Duggan, Paula Wesselmann, Marissa Kump, Milena Heuer, Marie Jacquet, Stephanie Cameron, Stephannie Allen, Laura D’Urso

Second Varsity 8+Katie Eidson (cox.), Giulia Longatti, Aurelia Wurzel, Tatiana Lundstrom, Rebecca Kretzer, Dana Zielinski, Lorena Croft, Ashley Robinson, Claire Prevost

First Varsity 4+Emily Mutschler (cox.), Maria Jose Gutierrez, Erin Ferguson, Julie Gilbert, Anna Skochdopole

Second Varsity 4+Maggie Nelson (cox.), Lexi Georgia, Kathleen Scibelli, Rachel Brown, Cassidy Davidson