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Jun 20, 2022

Inaugural CUADvance Cohort Graduates

Inaugural Cohort Graduates from New Athletics Staff Developmental Program, CUADVANCE

CLEMSON, S.C.- Clemson Athletics is excited to announce the graduation of the following staff members selected to the 2021-22 CUADvance program!

2021-22 COHORT

ZACH BENJAMIN • Asst. Ticket Operations Manager

HALEY BILBRUCK • Dir. of Volleyball Operations

TIM BRITTON • Former Asst. Ticket Operations Manager

BILLY CEDAR • Asst. Strength & Conditioning Coach

KYLE COULTER • Dir. of Creative Solutions

JENA COX • Asst. Dir. of Educational Services

JORDAN ROPER • Asst. Dir. of IPTAY Major Gifts • Block C Club

DREW WADDELL • Sales & Services Representative

THOMAS WADE • Assoc. Dir. of IPTAY Major Gifts

ADAM HATEM • Assoc. Dir. of Athletic Academic Services

KATIE MUENCH • Rowing Assistant Coach

“I couldn’t be happier for this cohort for their engagement in this program,” said Graham Neff. “We’ve consistently heard from our staff their hunger to take on new challenges and we are committed to providing the guidance and support necessary to see our staff grow. So many areas of campus, college athletics, and beyond were willing to invest in our people, and we are so appreciative of that commitment. I am excited for the future of this program and its leadership.” 

CUADvance is a 10-month program, sponsored by Director of Athletics Graham Neff, which fosters opportunities for an annual cohort of employees who are early in their careers. The program features a core curriculum led by athletic partners AMPLOS and other athletics-centric speakers who can enhance employee skills and create opportunities for growth in collegiate athletics through personal development programs, industry exposure, networking opportunities and more. CUADvance is coordinated by Jordy Kirr and Henry Archuleta.

The monthly sessions are designed to take two hours each. The sessions rotated locations at different venues across the Athletic District to expose the cohort to our different departmental units. The first hour consisted of the core curriculum led by Drs. Cory Shaffer and Katie Nichols. The core curriculum for the first half of the program focused on personal development fostering self-discovery of what drives our talented employees and challenging them to identify their strengths and weaknesses to be able to lead others from the inside out. The second hour was structured as a “lunch and learn” featuring speakers from CUAD, the ACC, and peer institutions to tie in what AMPLOS covered as part of the respective month’s core curriculum. 

Clemson Athletics will be launching the CUADvance application for the 22-23 academic year in early July and will announce the new cohort early August.


  • Hour 1: Lunch & Learn: Introduction – Why Personal & Professional Development Matters (Dan Radakovich, Graham Neff, Kyle Young) 


  • Core Curriculum: Mindset – The Foundation for Growth 
  • Lunch & Learn: Head Coach Growth Mindset and Philosophies (Coach Noonan) 


  • Core Curriculum: Core Values – Character Strengths & Exploring What’s Important to You 
  • Lunch & Learn: Balancing Decision Making and Authenticity (Zach Selmon, Stephanie Ellison-Johnson) 


  • Core Curriculum: Purpose – Why and How You Do What You Do 
  • Lunch & Learn: Diversity, Inclusion, and Productive Work Environments (Cohort Presentations of their “why”) 


  • Core Curriculum: Vision and Legacy – Looking Ahead to What You Want to Leave 
  • Lunch & Learn: Self Awareness and Personal Branding (Jonathan Gantt, Tyson Hutchins, Nik Conklin) 


  • Core Curriculum: Success & Happiness – Choosing Your Path While Enjoying Your Journey 
  • Lunch & Learn: Time Management and Work-Life Balance (Natalie Honnen) 


  • Core Curriculum: Goals and Habits – Setting Yourself Up for Success 
  • Lunch & Learn: Organizational Behavior and Project Management (Eric Sabin) 


  • Core Curriculum: Leading Yourself from the Inside Out 
  • Lunch & Learn: Leadership Styles and Managerial Assessment (Coach Swinney) 


  • Core Curriculum: Leading Others with Authenticity 
  • Lunch & Learn: Business Communication Through Campus-Wide & External Partnerships (Tim Match) 


  • Core Curriculum: Bringing It All Together – Program Summary & Individual Presentations 
  • Lunch & Learn: Enhancing Team Efficiencies & Motivating for Success (Davis Babb and Commissioner Jim Phillips)