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Five Top-10 Finishes Highlight Hooch Action

Five Top-10 Finishes Highlight Hooch Action

CHATTANOOGA, TENN. – With improved weather conditions, the Clemson rowing team rowed to five top-10 finishes in action at the Head of the Hooch on Sunday. After poor weather conditions forced all races on Saturday to be cancelled, the Tigers competed in four events on Sunday with eight total boats in action.

“I thought that the team handled the adversity [with the weather] really well,” said head coach Stephen Frazier Wong. “I really enjoyed how flexible and resilient they were and rolled with any punches that were thrown their way.”

Marissa Kump opened the day in the Women’s Championship 1x. Kump initially finished in third place but was assessed a buoy penalty to drop her down to fifth. With penalty time added, her total time came to 20:57.0. Anna Skochdopole sculled in the Lightweight 1x in the next event and finished in fourth with a time of 22:24.4.

“They opened the day in some really windy conditions, but they handled it well,” said Frazier Wong. “They did a great job getting out there and showing what they could do individually.”

Clemson had four boats in the Women’s Open 2- and recorded a pair of top-10 finishes. Samantha Duggan and Aurelia Wurzel rowed to a second place finish with a time of 18:55.2 while Paula Wesselmann and Ashley Robinson finished eighth with a time of 19:45.4. Duggan and Wurzel were the top collegiate boat, finishing second behind only the United States Rowing Training Center. The pairs of Stephannie Allen/Rebecca Kretzer and Dana Zielinski/Gaia Nencini finished 11th and 15th respectively.

In the final race of the day for the Tigers, the Women’s Open 8+, Clemson finished second and 11th. The Clemson “A” boat finished with a time of 16:22.0 holding off Oklahoma who finished third. The Clemson “B” boat finished with a time of 17:05.3, missing out on 10th place by 4.2 seconds behind Alabama.

The Tigers conclude the fall slate of the schedule with the Rivanna Romp on November 16 in Charlottesville, Va.

Final Results:


Championship 8+: Cancelled

Novice 8+: Cancelled

Championship 4+: Cancelled


Championship 1x: 1. Emily Maxwell (Vesper Boat Club), 2020.7; 2. Liz Mathews (Oklahoma City University), 20:21.6; 3. Taylor DeMesa (University of Tampa), 20:49.1; 4. Casey Redman (University of Texas), 20:50.1; 5. Marissa Kump (Clemson), 20.57.0; 6. Kayla Yraceburu (Oklahoma City University), 21:05.4; 7. Annie Couwenhoven (Unaffiliated), 21:12.3; 8. Lauren Day (Unaffiliated), 21:26.1; 9. Sarah McAuliffe (University of Tennessee), 21:34.5; 10. Katie King (University of Tennessee), 22:07.6

Lightweight 1x: 1. Elizabeth Barnett (Atlanta Rowing Club), 20:39.7; 2. Leigh Smith (Oklahoma City University), 21:12.6; 3. Mallory Miller (Case Crew), 21:59.4; 4. Anna Skochdopole (Clemson), 22:24.4; 5. Savannah Godber (Oklahoma City University), 22:25.0

Open 2-: 1. US Rowing, 18:33.4; 2. Clemson “A”, 18:55.2; 3. Louisville “A”, 19:05.4; 4. Texas “D”, 19:22.2; 5. Kansas “B”, 19:25.5; 6. Texas “C”, 19:40.7; 7. Tennessee “A”, 19:43.5; 8. Clemson “C”, 19:45.4; 9. Kansas “A”, 19:53.4; 10. Texas “A”, 19:55.3; 11. Clemson “B”, 19:58.3; 15. Clemson “D”, 20:32.5

Open 8+: 1. Oklahoma “A”, 16:05.7; 2. Clemson “A”, 16:22.0; 3. Oklahoma “B”, 16:23.1; 4. Tennessee “A”, 16:26.4; 5. Alabama “A”, 16:29.2; 6. Texas “B”, 16:33.6; 7. Texas “A”, 16:34.5; 8. Miami (Fla.), 16:36.1; 9. Tennessee “B”, 16:54.7; 10. Alabama “B”, 17:01.1; 11. Clemson “B”, 17:05.3



Championship 1x: Marissa Kump

Lightweight 1x: Anna Skochdopole

Open 2-:

“A”: Samantha Duggan, Aurelia Wurzel

“B”: Stephannie Allen, Rebecca Kretzer

“C”: Paula Wesselmann, Ashley Robinson

“D”: Dana Zielinski, Gaia Nencini

Open 8+:

“A”: Emily Goff (cox.), Lexi Georgia, Giulia Longatti, Giorgia Bergamasco, Cassidy Davidson, Lorena Croft, Courtney Fallon, Claire Prevost, Emily Radziwon

“B”: Megan Kauffeld (cox.), Amelia Shein, Brooke Stroyke, Erin Ferguson, Amber Rewis, Sarah Suddarth, Brynn Hentschel, Emma Neat, Alison Rehfus