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Nov 03, 2018

First Place Finish in Novice 8+ Highlights Clemson’s Day One at Hooch

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – It was a full day of racing at the Head of the Hooch for the Clemson rowing team, which saw a total of 10 Tiger boats hit the water for the first time during the fall racing slate.

Clemson’s first action of the day was in the College & Club Novice 4+, and the two Tiger boats placed second and third, with the crew coxswained by Katherine Hadley’s time of 17:07.853 being just four seconds off the first-place Duke boat. Julia Suplick’s boat’s time of 17:22.309 was the race’s third-best. In the Championship 8+, Clemson’s lone entry placed ninth of 18 boats with a time of 15:40.305.

The best finish of the day was Hadley’s crew in the College & Club Novice 8+, whose time of 15:32.567 not only placed them first, but first by over 30 seconds over the second-place Louisville crew.

Isla McRae and Katherine Konieczny finished sixth of 18 boats in the Championship pairs with a time of 17:37.018, and the Tigers wrapped up day one of the Hooch with boats that finished sixth and 10thin the Championship fours.

Full lineups and times are listed below:

Clemson Lineups:
College & Club Novice 4+
Entry A (2ndof 26; 17:07.853): Coxswain:Katherine Hadley; Pepper Kolman; Jasmine Lewis; Meghan McLean; Hannah Hayes
Entry B (3rdof 26; 17:22.309): Coxswain: Julia Suplick; Ellie Loehrer; Chloe O’Brien; Carley Boyd; Victoria Trovato

Championship 8+
Entry A (9thof 18; 15:40.305): Coxswain: Erin Murphy; Isabella Beckler; Rebecca Pulsifer; Maura Chozick; Caroline Kranz; Elise Sum; Emily Ash; Makenna Farr; Isla McRae

College & Club Novice 8+
Entry A (1stof 39; 15:32.567): Coxswain: Katherine Hadley; Katherine Konieczny; Chloe O’Brien; Victoria Trovato; Alexandria Thull; Pepper Kolman; Jasmine Lewis; Meghan McLean; Hannah Hayes
Entry B (3rdof 39; 16:17.290): Coxswain: Julia Suplick; Sam Palmer; Auburn Dantice; Kendall Sims; Sydney Seeger; Zoe Koeching; Rachel Knapp; Carley Boyd; Ellie Loehrer
Entry C (16thof 39; 17:57.370): Coxswain: Sabrina Fiorillo; Lexi Thrush; Summer Ratley; Olivia Whitesides; Elizabeth Henderson; Soline McGee; Hannah Niedojadlo; Larainna Williams; Katherine Mirabella
Entry D (21stof 39; 18:49.939): Coxswain: Kelsey Drzewicki; Rachel Amaral; Madeline Wager; Sophia Della Rocca; Abby Miller; Bryonna Howard; Avery Savoie; Audrey Ramey; Lauren Vittorio

Championship 2x
Entry A (6thout of 18; 17:37.018): Katherine Konieczny, Isla McRae

Championship 4+
Entry A (6thout of 21; 16:38.686): Coxswain: Erin Murhpy; Elise Sum; Caroline Kranz; Makenna Farr; Maura Chozick
Entry B (10thout of 21; 17:08.323):
Coxswain: Katie Herbolsheimer; Rebecca Pulsifer; Caitlyn Raber; Emily Ash; Isabella Beckler