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COMPLIANCE NEWSLETTER Vol. 4 No. 2 October 2001


Vol. 4 No. 2 October 2001






NLI steering committee will make the 2001-02 NLI form availableat the end of October.



Promote Clemson to the nation! If your team or staff is part ofcommunity service or disaster relief projects – let Tim Bourretknow. We want Clemson’s good will publicized in the NCAA News andin other national publications.



A note of appreciation to our coaches and staff for the respectand honor given to the victims of New York City, Pennsylvania andWashington, D.C. Our student-athletes benefit from your example andleadership.




Coaches record all off-campus contacts and evaluations oncompliance form and attach to expense report. Home visits andoff-campus contacts after July 1 (sports other than football andalso basketball) must be recorded.



When a student-athlete at another school contacts a coach toinquire about the “transfer climate” the conversation must endquickly and without discussing opportunities. Tell the athlete toseek a release from current school first. If they have generalquestions about NCAA or ACC transfer rules, refer them to ourcompliance services. [Bylaw]



When a prospect cancels an official visit at the last minuteand a coach has used the “five-day unlimited phone calls” informcompliance services. It is not a violation, just a record-keepingissue. [Bylaw]



Before writing (a junior) or calling (a senior) prospect, makecertain of grade level. [Bylaws 13.4.1 and13.1.3.1]



When a coach contacts a prospect through a pager and leaves amessage that exceeds a greeting and a “call me”, that contact isconsidered a telephone call. [Bylaw 13.1.3 and officialinterpt 06/21/00]



It is not a countable call when a coach telephones a prospectand is told the prospect is not available, provided the coach doesnot continue the conversation. This is coded as a LM (left message)on phone log. [Bylaw and official interpt02/06/91]



Clemson student-athletes may not telephone prospects at thedirection of coaches, even after the prospect has signed a NLI.[Bylaw and official interpt 12/13/91]



A non-qualifier in their first year at a junior college may nothave face-to-face contact with a college coach. [Bylaw13.1.1.2 and official interpt 10/22/92] Telephone callsare permissible to these prospects once a week, just like highschool seniors. [NCAA Staff interpt 11/15/91]



It is permissible to have face-to-face contact viavideoconference with a prospect, provided it counts as a recruitingcontact and occurs during a permissible contact period.[Bylaws 13.4.2, 13.02.3 and official interpt07/25/00]







It is permissible to send a video playbook or a video ofbroken-down game film to a prospect that has signed a NLI. It isconsidered necessary pre-enrollment information regarding practiceactivities. [Bylaw 13.4.1 and staff interpt03/05/99]



(at other schools)



During a recruiting trip in July, an assistant coach providedtwo prospects transportation to a restaurant.


NCAA Response: Five-day suspension from off-campus recruiting and two mandatory rules education sessions. HOW CLEMSON PREVENTS THE PROBLEM: Rules education program, NCAA News and manual to our coaches. Also, all sport supervisors are former head coaches that reinforce proper recruiting conduct.


During the quiet period prior to NLI signing, head coach andassistant coaches had in-person, off-campus contact with prospects.


NCAA Response: Letter of reprimand issued to coaches and off-campus recruiting reduced for a week. HOW CLEMSON PREVENTS THE PROBLEM: Sport supervisors approve recruiting travel, monitor compliance with recruiting calendars.


Coach allowed team member to talk with prospect from coach’soffice on a recruiting call. During call, team member saw andmemorized the long-distance code and used it from her dorm roomlater for personal calls.


NCAA Response: Student-athlete’s fifth year aid withheld until phone charges repaid plus 50 hours of community service. Assistant coach suspended from domestic recruiting for 30 days and international for six months. Coach received written reprimand. HOW CLEMSON DETECTS/PREVENTS THE PROBLEM: Compliance services reviews calling card, cell phone and office phone charges. Coaches do not leave codes or calling cards where athletes can access them.





A sophomore in high school has decided to graduate thefollowing year. Can I send recruiting material?



It is permissible once the guidance office provides Clemsondocumentation that shows a change in class status from sophomore tojunior. [Interpt, ACC 09/12/01]



Brother of a prospect on official visit is flying with prospectfor official visit. Is it permissible to provide transportation forbrother?



Yes, provided he rides with prospect. [Interpt, ACC09/19/01]



Is it permissible to provide a reserved parking pass on afootball Saturday to the parents of a team member?



A football parent could borrow their son’s pass. Otherwise,Clemson may not provide football reserved parking passes to teammembers or their parents. [Bylaw 16.6 and Official interpt10/08/89]



Can we provide reserve parking on a football weekend forprospects on an official visit?


A. Yes. [Bylaw]