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Clemson Wraps Up Hooch with Trophy

Clemson Wraps Up Hooch with Trophy

CHATTANOOGA, TENN. – The Clemson rowing team had a successful weekend at the Head of the Hooch regatta this weekend, earning the ACC Team Trophy. With one gold medal, four silver and one bronze medal in hand, the Tigers were the only team of the six ACC squads to break 200 points.

“We’re very proud of the effort from the entire squad this weekend,” head coach Stephen Frazier Wong said. “These encouraging early-season results will be something for us to build upon as we head back to Tigertown to continue the work that got us to this point. Championships aren’t given out in November, so we’ll celebrate on the bus ride home and then look to take our training to a new level day by day and stroke by stroke.”

In the Open Pairs, Amber Rewis and Isla McRae earned the silver medal with a time of 19:47.76, just edging a Clemson pair of Jenny D’Anthony and Taryn Carroll, who placed third with a time of 20:23.87. Julie Mathews and Amelia Shein’s time of 20:45.63 earned them sixth out of 15 boats, and Rebecca Pulsifer and Megan Mars crossed the finish at 11th with a time of 21:20.07.

In the Open 8+, the crew coxswained by Emily Goff also earned a silver medal, finishing in 17:49.94. Rita O’Shea’s crew placed 12th out of 18 boats with a time of 19:35.94, and Katharine Komsa’s crew’s time of 21:29.06 was good for 15th.

Clemson’s last boat raced in the Open 4x, and Kaley Wojiechowski, Isabella Becker, Kenzie Fisher and Hannah Maeser won the Tigers’ fourth silver medal, finishing in 20:09.64.

Clemson Lineups

Open 2-
Entry A: Julia Mathews and Amelia Shein

Entry B: Isla McRae and Amber Rewis

Entry C: Taryn Carroll and Jenny D’Anthony

Entry D: Megan Mars and Rebecca Pulsifer

Open 8+
Entry A: Coxswain: Emily Goff; Stroke: Cate Smith; Kelsey Sox; Makenna Farr; Catherine Schrieber; Charlotte Taylor; Katie Flynn; Bridget Kane; Bow: Emily Ash

Entry B: Coxswain: Rita O’Shea; Stroke: Maura Chozick; Brooke Leech; Mary Sales; Camille Beck; Maya Roberts; Samantha Nichols; Sydney Nelson; Bow: Caitlyn Raber

Entry C: Coxswain: Katharine Komsa; Stroke: Ronda Peterson; Jessica Withycombe; Madison Harris; Jordan Radford; Gabrielle Lacey; Nina Kresmer; Tayler Smith; Bow: Peggy Williamson

Open 4x
Entry A: Coxswain: Kaley Wojiechowski; Isabella Beckler; Kenzie Fisher; Bow: Hannah Maeser