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Clemson Women’s Rowing to Participate in Rivanna Romp

Nov. 11, 2011

CLEMSON, SC – The Clemson women’s rowing team will travel to Charlottesville, VA on Sunday to face Virginia, Old Dominion and University of Pennsylvania at the Rivanna Romp. The races at the Rivanna Romp are over a 4000 meter distance (double the spring racing distance), and boats start about 10 seconds apart and race against the clock.

Clemson will race in four Varsity 8s and two Novice 8s at 9:00 am Sunday, then many of the varsity rowers will race again at 10:30 am in six Varsity 4s. Virginia will also have four Varsity 8s and six Varsity 4s. Old Dominion and Penn will each have two Varsity 8s and four Varsity 4s. The Novice race will be two boats from Clemson, one boat from Virginia, Penn and Old Dominion.

“We are coming to the end of our fall training segment, and this will be a great test of how our training is going this year,” said Clemson head coach Robbie Tenenbaum. “I am very proud of how hard and smart our team is working this season, and I am excited to watch us compete this weekend.”

“Virginia is one of the best teams in the country every year, and we wanted to race the best in the fall to see where we stand. Penn and Old Dominion are also great opponents, so all of our boats will have a tough battle on Sunday. My assistant coaches, Melanie Onufrieff, Jess Leidecker and Michelle Nance, have been a great help in getting us ready to race this season.”

Clemson Lineups

1st Varsity 8 Coxswain: Katie Bruggeling Stroke: Becca Brown 7: Samantha Duggan 6: Laura D’Urso 5: Ameerah Aly 4: Heather Cummings 3: Julia Ost 2: Laura Basadonna Bow: Kate Biladeau

2nd Varsity 8 Coxswain: Emily Massey Stroke: Aurelia Wurzel 7: Katie Mosier 6: Giulia Longatti 5: Stephannie Allen 4: Kristin Manna 3: Maria Jose Gutierrez 2: Taylor Hoynacki Bow: Sarah Monn

3rd Varsity 8 Coxswain: Carissa Richardson Stroke: Kristen Agee 7: Bre Przestrzelski 6: Kenzie DuBrul 5: Rebekah Clogston 4: Laura Haselden 3: Kathleen Scibelli 2: Emily Lavender Bow: Jenny Tumas

4th Varsity 8 Coxswain: Marie Rosasco Stroke: Marissa Henry 7: Vanesa Ewais 6: Brittany Burns 5: Virginia Fritsche 4: Caroline Thomas 3: Kathryn Wiley 2: Sarah Egan Bow: Sarah Young

1st Novice 8 Coxswain: Danielle Hayden Stroke: Lindsay Rivoir 7: Cierra Stanislaus 6: Kaitlyn Kowalski 5: Alex Wall 4: Cristina Morcom 3: Kristina Brown 2: Elise McVey Bow: Kelsie Saurber

2nd Novice 8 Coxswain: Kendra Prosser Stroke: Eden Kuhn 7: Lucy Steer 6: Charlotte Case 5: Aylie Burnette 4: Malin Rosengren 3: Ari Alexandrescu 2: Tori Sullivan Bow: Taylor Blanton

1st Varsity 4 Coxswain: Emily Massey Stroke: Laura D’Urso 3: Samantha Duggan 2: Becca Brown Bow: Julia Ost

2nd Varsity 4 Coxswain: Katie Bruggeling Stroke: Laura Basadonna 3: Ameerah Aly 2: Heather Cummings Bow: Kate Biladeau

3rd Varsity 4 Coxswain: Carissa Richardson Stroke: Aurelia Wurzel 3: Katie Mosier 2: Giulia Longatti Bow: Sarah Monn

4th Varsity 4 Coxswain: Jackie Kovach Stroke: Taylor Hoynacki 3: Maria Jose Gutierrez 2: Kristin Manna Bow: Stephannie Allen

5th Varsity 4 Coxswain: Marie Rosasco Stroke: Kristen Agee 3: Rebekah Clogston 2: Kenzie DuBrul Bow: Bre Przestrzelski

6th Varsity 4 Coxswain: Meghan Sisk Stroke: Kathleen Scibelli 3: Laura Haselden 2: Jenny Tumas Bow: Emily Lavender