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Clemson Wins Carolinas Cup

Clemson Wins Carolinas Cup

CLEMSON, S.C. — The Clemson Rowing team was back on the water this morning for racing action against Duke and North Carolina as they competed for the Daughtry Trophy in the renewed Carolinas Cup. In spite of stiff competition, the Tigers managed to hold on to keep the Daughtry Trophy in Clemson for another year.

“We were happy with the depth off our team today, it shows in the first 3 boats. Duke and Carolina came out strong. Duke definitely showed their strength and they had a great win in the 1V8, 2V8, and 1V4. We need to make sure that we’re matching their intensity and so we’re looking forward to improving,” said Head Coach Stephen Frazier Wong.

The Tigers were buoyed by a strong early performance in the 3V8 which saw the “A” and “B” boats take the top two spots in the race with times of 6:59.2 and 7:03.6. The Clemson 2V4 followed with another first place performance with a final time of 7:31.6. The 1V4 (7:32.1), 2V8 (6:39.6), and 1V8 (6:34.3) boats all recorded second place finishes to the Blue Devils to round out the morning.

“We learned a lot going from one piece to the next. Being able to come back in multiple pieces definitely feels good after that. So we learned a lot going from the first piece. We still have a lot of work to do, but we know where we’re at so we’re mostly satisfied,” said senior Erin Ferguson.

The Tigers get the next two weeks to prepare before they head to Columbus, Ohio to compete in the ACC/Big Ten challenge on Saturday, April 2.



1- Duke: 6:29.8

2- Clemson: 6:34.3

3- UNC 6:42.7


1- Duke: 6:37.6

2- Clemson 6:39.6

3- UNC: 7:00.4


1- Duke: 7:20.5

2- Clemson: 7:32.1

3- UNC: 7:39.0


1- Clemson: 7:31.6

2- Duke: 7:34.7

3- UNC: 7:39.9


1- Clemson A: 6:59.2

2- Clemson B: 7:03.6

3- UNC A: 7:08.1

4- UNC B: 7:12.9


V8: Emily Goff (Cox), Paula Wesselmann, Dana Zielinski, Milena Heuer, Ashley Robinson, Becca Kretzer, Courtney Fallon, Giorgia Bergamasco, Gaia Nencini

2V8: Katie Eidson (Cox), Erin Ferguson, Cassidy Davidson, Julia Meredith, Rachel Salvia, Jenny D’Anthony, Amber Rewis, Lorena Croft, Lydia Hanewich

V4: Megan Kauffeld (Cox), Anna McLean, Alexis Georgia, Sophia Porach, Megan Mars2V4: RC O’Shea (Cox), Emily Radziwon, Anna Skochdopole, Julia Mathews, Claire Prevost

3V8: Rebekah Stein (Cox), Emma Neat, Sarah Decker, Amelia Shein, Isla McRae, Brynn Hentschel, Sarah Suddarth, Rebecca Simonetti, Elizabeth Sessinger