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Clemson v. Virginia – Itoro Coleman Quotes

Jan. 8, 2012

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OverallThere are points throughout the game where we did not execute offensively the way that we wanted. We had 23 turnovers, and probably half of those were unforced. We were trying to make passes that were not there and that’s something we have to get better at. We have to continue to grow. I’m proud of how this team fought. We are going to go back to the drawing board and continue to get better. It was a great effort. On Defensive PerformanceThe players have really bought in to the defense we are running right now. It’s effort. We are doing a great job of guarding the ball. Keeping a team that usually averages 66-70 points a game to only 54 points–that’s what we want! We feel like if we can keep teams to 60 or less, we have an opportunity to win. We have to do a better job of executing, that is what it comes down to. We need execution at the time we need a good shot. I don’t even mean making the shot, just getting one off. With 23 turnovers, though, we definitely lost possessions. They had 26 points off of our turnovers,and if you cut those in half we win. On going deep into the shot clock defensivelyAs a young team we are going to have to learn to do that. The past couple of games we have done a great job of defending. We used to give up so many points early, and now we have fixed that. We have to continue to do that, but also from the execution standpoint we have to continue to execute and put up good shots. We had 23 turnovers and you can’t get many good shots when you don’t have the ball. On injuries and resting playersIt is difficult, but it is the cards that we have been dealt. We are going to keep coaching them up and rest them as much as we can. We are going to continue to get better. I can’t concentrate on how difficult the situation is, but only how we can get better. On motivationWe just have to continue to work on the things that we can control. If we do that then we give ourselves an opportunity. We have to fix our rebounding and our execution. We have to continue to build off of our defense.