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Clemson Sweeps Boston College in Rowing Scrimmage

Clemson Sweeps Boston College in Rowing Scrimmage

March 8, 2008

Clemson, SC – Despite poor weather conditions, the Clemson rowing team performed well in a scrimmage against Boston College on Lake Hartwell Saturday morning. Gusting winds and cold temperatures led to a change in the format of the regatta, with each piece being shortened to 1000 meters with a stroke rating cap of 30.

Clemson entered three boats in the varsity race. The Varsity 4+ races were cancelled, so the Varsity 4+ and Second Varsity 4+ combined to make the Third Varsity 8+. In the first piece, Clemson’s Varsity 8+ crew finished first with a time of 3:21.0. The crew was coxed by Elyse Roenick and included Hilary Cumbest, Ford Heiner, Mairi Trimboli, Megan Bendik, Liz Robb, Suzanne Van Fleet, and Jessica Leidecker. The Varsity 8+ crew continued their success in the remaining two pieces, finishing with times of 3:22.7 and 3:31.2. Clemson’s Second Varsity 8+ was runner-up in each of the pieces, posting times of 3:29.4, 3:33.3 and 3:44.9. Rowing together for the first time this season, the Third Varsity 8+ crew picked up a third place finish in the final piece of the morning with a time of 3:51.6. Boston College’s Varsity 8+ crew finished third in the first and second pieces.

The Novice race consisted of just one boat from each school. Clemson finished first in each piece with times of 3:39.2, 3:45.3 and 3:49.0. Boston College finished each piece with times of 3:48.5, 3:50.7, and 3:56.6.

“We learned a lot from our scrimmage against Michigan State and tried to show improvement in all of our crews,” said Head Coach Richard Ruggieri. “I’m pleased with how we handled the rough conditions and we are motivated to find more speed for our races in the coming weeks.”

“It was wonderful to have our ACC sisters from Boston College here,” said Coach Ruggieri. “They are always welcome to Clemson.”

Clemson returns to action next Saturday at 9 AM for a regatta against Indiana and Pennsylvania on Lake Hartwell. This will be the first 2000 meter race of the season for the Tigers.