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Clemson Rowing to Hold Class Day on Saturday

Oct. 16, 2009


Clemson, SC – The Clemson rowing team will hold its annual Class Day event on Saturday morning on Lake Hartwell. The event, which begins at 8:30 am, will feature a crew from each class racing on the 2,000-meter course.

Class Day has been a Clemson rowing tradition since the program’s inception in 1998. The junior or senior class has won the event each year it has been held. However, as team depth continues to get stronger, the challenges for the cup can come from any class.

The senior boat includes coxswain Meredith Razzolini, Kelly Murphy, Mairi Trimboli, Jenn Agee, Olivia Shomaker, Brittany Cummings, Callen Erdeky and Allison Colberg. This boat includes eight members who took part in the 2009 NCAA Rowing Championships, three National Champions, a two-time United States U23 team member, the all-time record holder on the ergometer, five ACC Champions and one All-American.

“The senior class represents the most decorated crew in Clemson’s history,” said Head Coach Richard Ruggieri. “It will be interesting to see how they respond as the `boat to beat’ after taking Class Day in 2008.”

The junior lineup includes coxswain Victoria Graham, Corey Geer, Leah Kelly, Sarah Daanen, Jessica Gaul, Liz Robb, Connie Gorman, Grace Wolff and Lydia Hassell. This boat includes seven 2009 NCAA Rowing Championships participants, one National Champion, a United States U23 team member, an ACC Freshman of the Year and five ACC Champions.

“The junior boat started well as freshman by winning the novice 8+ title at the ACC Championships,” said Ruggieri. “Since then, a few transfers have helped raise their game as they attempt to maintain a junior class title for a second straight year.”

The sophomore lineup is coxswain Melissa Weaver, Amber Coyne, Kate Mosier and Kenzie DuBrul. This boat includes three participants from the 2009 NCAA Rowing Championships as well as a fully intact crew from last year’s South/Central Regional novice boat.

“The sophomore boat is certainly a crew to watch,” said Ruggieri. “They may have less experience, but they are a very tight group who have raced and trained together for over a year. They are aggressive racers with a lot of energy and certainly have the ability to rise to the occasion if they work together.”

This year a freshman crew will take part in Class Day. This boat includes coxswain Kelly Hall, Erin Grubbs and Jessica Wesson.  All nine rowers were recruited to Clemson and combine with additional recruits as well as a strong walk-on class.

“The Class of 2013 represents the largest and deepest novice team in school history,” said Ruggieri. “The responsibility to back this starts tomorrow during Class Day. I am excited to see this group embrace the philosophy of Clemson rowing and continue the tradition of athletic and academic success.”

Past Class Day Winners:

2008 – Juniors

2007 – Seniors

2006 – Juniors

2005 – Seniors

2004 – Seniors

2003 – Juniors

2002 – Seniors

2001 – Seniors

2000 – Juniors

1999 – Juniors

1998 – Juniors