Clemson Rowing Successful Against Old Dominion

April 4, 2009

Clemson, SC – The Clemson rowing team won three out of four races against Old Dominion on Saturday morning on Lake Hartwell.

In the first race of the morning, Old Dominion posted a time of 7:08.9 to defeat Clemson’s Novice 8+. The Tigers finished five seconds behind the Monarchs with a time of 7:13.16. Clemson’s Second Novice 8+ finished in third place with a time of 7:47.5.

Clemson’s Varsity 4+ took home the victory in the second race of the day, defeating Old Dominion by 10 seconds with a time of 7:46.7. Clemson’s Second Varsity 4+ finished just three seconds behind ODU to finish in third.

The third race of the day featured a variety of boats, including two novice crews from Clemson and the Tiger’s Third Varsity 8+. Clemson’s Novice 8+ finished first with a time of 7:08.8, followed by the Third Varsity 8+. Old Dominion’s Second Varsity 8+ finished in third with a time of 7:27.8, while Clemson’s Second Novice 8+ crossed the finish line last.

The final race of the day saw Clemson’s 14th ranked Varsity 8+ come out on top with a time of 6:35.81. The Second Varsity 8+ finished 10 seconds behind the top crew, while ODU’s Varsity 8+ crossed the finish line in 7:04.43.

“We had solid racing by all today. We have been playing with lineups quite a bit and feel the team has embraced it in a positive manner,” said Head Coach Richard Ruggieri. “Now it’s time to prepare for the Virginia Invitational and the ACC Championships.”

The Tigers will head to Charlottesville, Virginia next weekend to compete in the Virginia Invitational.


Race 1

ODU N8 7:08.9

Clemson N8 7:13.16

Clemson 2N8 7:47.5

Race 2

Clemson V4 7:46.7

ODU V4 7:56.0

Clemson 2V4 7:59.9

Race 3

Clemson N8 7:08.8

Clemson 3V8 7:21.6

ODU 2V8 7:27.8

Clemson 2N8 7:42.7

Race 4

Clemson V8 6:35.81

Clemson 2V8 6:45.25

ODU V8 7:04.43