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Clemson Rowing Records Strong Performance at Big 10/ACC Challenge

April 3, 2011

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COLUMBUS, OH – The Clemson Women’s Rowing Team recorded five victories in races over #7 Ohio State and #12 Michigan on the Scioto River in Columbus, OH on Sunday.

The morning started with Clemson’s 1st Varsity 8 beating #12 Michigan in the 1st Varsity 8 by a full boat length. The Tigers recorded a time of 6:44.40 while the Wolverines recorded a time of 6:47.94.

In the second race of the morning session, the Tigers also finished ahead of Michigan in the 2nd Varsity 8 race, with the event being decided by just a few feet. Clemson recorded a time of 6:57.22, followed closely by the Wolverines with a time of 6:57.43.

“This was a great day for the Clemson Rowing program,” said Clemson head coach Robbie Tenenbaum. “Our first Varsity 8 beat two of the best programs in the country, and our 2nd Varsity 8 pulled a victory out in the last few strokes of the race.”

The highlight of the day was the Victory by the #14 Clemson 1st Varsity 8 over #7 Ohio State. The Buckeyes got off to a great start, but Clemson was patient, and slowly moved through Ohio State during the first 500 meters of the race. The Tigers finished the race with a time of 6:56.25, while the Buckeyes finished with a time of 6:59.60.

“The boat today felt pretty good,” said Clemson’s 1st Varsity 8 coxswain Katie Bruggeling. “We didn’t lose our concentration after the first race. We have to work hard to improve every time a little bit more, but I think we are working together as a team is the most important thing.”

Clemson’s 2nd Novice 8 boat recorded victories in two races over both Ohio State and Michigan, recording a time of 7:29.00 in the first race and 7:46.90 in the second race.

“I am so proud of the progress we have made, and we are all looking forward to racing Southern Cal, Texas and UCLA in two weeks,” said Tenenbaum.


1st Varsity 8: Clemson: 6:44.40; Michigan: 6:47.942nd Varsity 8: Clemson 6:57.22; Michigan 6:57.431st Varsity 4: Michigan 7:42.60; Clemson 7:44.652nd Varsity 4: Michigan 7:54.41; Clemson 8:05.64; Michigan 8:18.431st Novice 8: Michigan 7:17.12; Clemson 7:27.962nd Novice 8: Clemson 7:29.00; Michigan 7:31.81; Ohio State 7:59.821st Varsity 8: Clemson 6:56.25; Ohio State 6:59.602nd Varsity 8: Ohio State 7:15.28; Clemson 7:26.561st Varsity 4: Ohio State 8:15.22; Clemson 8:26.242nd Varsity 4: Ohio State 8:12.78; Clemson 8:41.641st Novice 8: Ohio State 7:42.38; Clemson 7:49.142nd Novice 8: Clemson 7:46.90; Michigan 8:04.18; Ohio State 8:18.71

Clemson Lineups

1st Varsity 8: Coxswain: Katie Bruggeling Stroke: Laura D’Urso 7: Laura Basadonna 6: Becca Brown 5: Liz Robb 4: Sarah Daanen 3: Heather Cummings 2: Grace Wolff Bow: Stephanie Cameron

2nd Varsity 8: Coxswain: Emily Massey Stroke: Corey Geer 7: Connie Gorman 6: Ameerah Aly 5: Jess Gaul 4: Kristin Manna 3: Evelyn Toth 2: Kate Biladeau Bow: Maria Jose Gutierrez

1st Varsity 4: Coxswain: Jenna Zylstra Stroke: Taylor Hoynacki 3: Sarah Monn 2: Katie Mosier Bow: Lydia Hassell

2nd Varsity 4: Coxswain: Torrey Wall Stroke: Kristen Agee 3: Kelly Hall 2: Leah Kelly Bow: Rebekah Clogston

Novice 8: Coxswain: Marie Rosasco Stroke: Jordan Reemsnyder 7: Jillian Mickle 6: Erin Fitzgerald 5: Kathleen Scibelli 4: Samantha Jo Thompson 3: Caroline Thomas 2: Jenny Tumas Bow: Kelsey Igo

4th Varsity 8: Coxswain: Jackie Kovach (vs. Michigan)/Meredith Davidson (vs. OSU) Stroke: Kenzie DuBrul 7: Jenn Agee 6: Vanesa Ewais 5: Emily Lavender 4: Caroline Fregeau/Nicole Bowen (vs. OSU) 3: Bre Przestrzelski 2: Sarah Young (vs. Michigan) Bow: Brittany Burns