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Clemson Rowing Records Strong Performance Against Boston University, Indiana, Iowa, Marist, Purdue and Syracuse Saturday

Clemson Rowing Records Strong Performance Against Boston University, Indiana, Iowa, Marist, Purdue and Syracuse Saturday

March 17, 2012

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The Clemson rowing team recorded strong performances against Boston, Indiana, Iowa, Marist, Purdue, and Syracuse Saturday morning on Lake Hartwell. All six races came down to the final 500 meters.

The morning started with the most exciting race of the day, the 1st Varsity 8. Clemson’s V8 lead the race in the first 500 meters, but gave up a good bit of ground to a strong Indiana boat. The Tigers pushed in the last 250 meters to pull even. Officials reviewed the finish and determined that the result was a dead heat for Clemson and Indiana at 6:46.21. Syracuse and Iowa fought hard for third and fourth place, finishing at 6:51.57 and 6:52.78, respectively. Boston University, Purdue, and Marist rounded out the seven-boat race with times of 7:01.30, 7:12.08, 7:29.50, in that order.

In the second race of the day, the 2nd Varsity 8, the Tigers held a lead for the first 1500 meters, but could not hold off a charging Iowa crew at the line. Iowa finished with a time of 6:52.81 and Clemson with a time of 6:53.31. The rest of the field (by order of finish) was Syracuse, Boston University, Indiana, Purdue, and Purdue Lwt.

“I thought our boat raced well, and we will work hard to make sure we can finish strong in our next race,” said Clemson Head Coach Robbie Tenenbaum.

Clemson’s 1st Varsity 4 jumped out to an early lead that they never relinquished in the third race of the day. The Tigers finished 11 seconds ahead of the next closest team, with a time of 7:51.46. Syracuse, Indiana, and Iowa rounded out the field, respectively.

“The 1st Varsity 4 had a great race and really dominated the competition,” said Tenenbaum. “This group has been getting better and better every week, and we are excited to watch their improvement this spring. Coach Melanie Onufrieff has been working with the 4s and has really helped them to become great racers.”

The Tigers also won the 1st Novice 8 race, with a time of 7:11.30, followed by Syracuse (7:18.56), Indiana (7:19.04), Marist (7:20.93), Iowa (7:24.40), Purdue 7:31.78) and Boston University (7:38.08).

The 2nd Novice 8 race was another close race, this time taken by Iowa (7:31.10), followed closely by the Tigers with a time of 7:38.29. Indiana, Boston University, Purdue, and Marist rounded out the field of six.

“The Novice 8 continues to get stronger,” Tenenbaum said. “This group is really pushing each other. They are the future of our team, and Coach Jessica Leidecker is doing a fantastic job with them this season.”

The final race of the day, the 2nd Varsity 4, was a race dominated by the Clemson `A’ boat. The Tigers finished with a time of 8:00.25, followed by Indiana, Clemson `B’, and Clemson Novice.

The Tigers return to action next Saturday at 9 AM on Lake Hartwell when they take on Kansas.


1st Varsity 8 1. Clemson 6:46.21 Indiana 6:46.21 3. Syracuse 6:51.57 4. Iowa 6:52.78 5. Boston Univ. 7:01.3 6. Purdue 7:12.08 7. Marist 7:29.50 **1st place was a dead heat in the 1st Varsity 8.

2nd Varsity 8 1. Iowa 6:52.81 2. Clemson 6:53.31 3. Syracuse 6:55.57 4. Boston Univ. 7:05.56 5. Indiana 7:07.89 6. Purdue 7:31.43 7. Purdue Lwt. 7:51.04

1st Varsity 4 1. Clemson 7:51.46 2. Syracuse 8:02.89 3. Indiana 8:04.58 4. Iowa 8:16.23

1st Novice 8 1. Clemson 7:11.30 2. Syracuse 7:18.56 3. Indiana 7:19.04 4. Marist 7:20.93 5. Iowa 7:24.40 6. Purdue 7:31.78 7. Boston Univ. 7:38.08

2nd Novice 8 1. Iowa 7:31.10 2. Clemson 7:38.29 3. Indiana 7:43.14 4. Boston Univ. 7:56.13 5. Purdue 8:02.11 6. Marist 8:09.09

2nd Varsity 4 1. Clemson A 8:00.25 2. Indiana 8:11.78 3. Clemson B 8:20.12 4. Clemson Novice 8:30.78

Clemson Lineups

1st Varsity 8 Coxswain: Katie Bruggeling Stroke: Becca Brown 7: Giulia Longatti 6: Laura D’Urso 5: Samantha Duggan 4: Heather Cummings 3: Julia Ost 2: Laura Basadonna Bow: Kate Biladeau

2nd Varsity 8 Coxswain: Emily Massey Stroke: Ameerah Aly 7: Stephanie Cameron 6: Katie Mosier 5: Stephannie Allen 4: Kristin Manna 3: Kristen Agee 2: Aurelia Wurzel Bow: MJ Keys

1st Varsity 4 Coxswain: Carissa Richardson Stroke: Vanesa Ewais 3: Taylor Hoynacki 2: Sarah Monn Bow: Rebekah Clogston

Varsity 4 ‘A’ Coxswain: Jackie Kovach Stroke: Maria Jose Gutierrez 3: Sarah Young 2: Kathleen Scibelli Bow: Kathryn Wiley

Varsity 4 ‘B’ Coxswain: Meghan Sisk Stroke: Sarah Egan 3: Bre Przestrzelski 2: Brittany Burns Bow: Caroline Thomas

Novice 4 Coxswain: Sarah Koering Stroke: Aylie Burnette 3: Kelsie Saurber 2: Kerianne Pacheco Bow: Kyndal Heller

1st Novice 8 Coxswain: Danielle Hayden Stroke: Elise McVey 7: Virginia Fritsche 6: Alex Wall 5: Lindsey Hughes 4: MaryAnn Sims 3: Cristina Morcom 2: Alana de Klerk Bow: Ariana Alexandrescu

2nd Novice 8 Coxswain: Kendra Prosser Stroke: Eden Kuhn 7: Lindsay Rivoir 6: Kristina Brown 5: Paige Pribonic 4: April Serieno 3: Charlotte Case 2: Lucy Steer Bow: Kathryn Andreoli