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Clemson Rowing Opens Spring Season With a Sweep of Eastern Michigan

Feb. 28, 2009

Clemson, SC – The Clemson rowing team got their spring season underway on Saturday morning in a scrimmage against Eastern Michigan. Despite rainy conditions, the Tigers swept the Eagles in each 1500 meter piece in which they raced.

Clemson’s top two varsity boats competed against Eastern Michigan’s top crew in three 1500 meter pieces. The Tiger’s top boat was victorious in each, recording times of 5:11.18, 5:12.21 and 5:18.42. Clemson’s 2nd Varsity 8+ finished second in each piece, while the Eagles finished last.

The 3rd Varsity 8+ crews from each school also raced in three pieces, with the Tigers coming out on top each time. The Tigers recorded times of 5:25.87, 5:34.53 and 5:37.12.

Clemson’s Novice 8+ crew also won each of their pieces with times of 5:39.24, 5:49.54 and 5:53.49. The Tiger’s 2nd Novice 8+ finished second in each piece with times of 6:02.69, 6:16.49 and 6:13.19. Eastern Michigan’s Novice 8+ crossed the finish line last in each piece.

“It was a good start to the season,” said Clemson Head Coach Richard Ruggieri. “We look forward to further selection and finding more speed.”

The Tigers return to the water on March 14 in a home regatta against Alabama, Penn, and Marist.


Varsity 8+

Piece 1: Clemson A 5:11.18, Clemson B 5:12.21, Eastern Michigan 5:39.75

Piece 2: Clemson A 5:12.21, Clemson B 5:15.36, Eastern Michigan 5:40.10

Piece 3: Clemson A 5:18.42, Clemson B 5:27.10, Eastern Michigan 5:44.82

3rd Varsity 8+

Piece 1: Clemson 5:25:87, Eastern Michigan 6:04.82

Piece 2: Clemson 5:34.53, Eastern Michigan 6:18.79

Piece 3: Clemson 5:37.12, Eastern Michigan 6:27.53

Novice 8+

Piece 1: Clemson A 5:39.24, Clemson B 6:02.69, Eastern Michigan 6:26.45

Piece 2: Clemson A 5:49.54, Clemson B 6:16.49, Eastern Michigan 6:34.36

Piece 3: Clemson A 5:53.49, Clemson B 6:13.19, Eastern Michigan 6:42.21