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Clemson Rowing Hosts Michigan State

Clemson Rowing Hosts Michigan State

March 8, 2003

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The Clemson rowing team competed against Michigan State in a dual regatta this Saturday morning on Lake Hartwell. The events were delayed for an hour and 15 minutes due to fog.

In the Novice 4+ race, the Spartans finished first with a time of 8:29.2. The Tigers followed finishing in 8:56.7.

In the closest race of the day, Clemson’s Second Varsity 4+ defeated Michigan State by a margin of 2.7. The Tigers’ had a time of 7:53.6.

Michigan State won the Varsity 4+ race in 7:40.1. Clemson finished second with a time of 7:56.2.

The Tigers’ Second Novice 8+ placed first finishing in 7:22.4. The Spartans finished close behind in 7:26.7.

Michigan State took first in both the Second Varsity 8+ and the Varsity 8+ finishing with times of 6:49.0 and 6:35.5 respectively. Clemson completed the course in 7:08.4 in the Second Varsity 8+ and 6:47.1 in the Varsity 8+.

In the final race of the day, the Tigers finished first in the Novice 8+ with a time of 7:06.4. The Spartans finished in 7:20.4.

“A great regatta to start the season off on a good note,” said head coach Susie Lueck. “The Novice showed exceptional speed and desire in their wins today. The Varsity boats had solid races and executed their race plan well. From today’s races we can identify areas to improve.”

Clemson will host Notre Dame and North Carolina on Wednesday, March 12 at 3pm on Lake Hartwell.

Clemson vs. Michigan State

Novice 4+ Michigan State 8:29.2, Clemson 8:56.7

2nd Varsity 4+ Clemson 7:53.6, Michigan State 7:56.3

Varsity 4+ Michigan State 7:40.1, Clemson 7:56.2

2nd Novice 8+ Clemson 7:22.4, Michigan State 7:26.7

2nd Varsity 8+ Michigan State 6:49.0, Clemson 7:08.4

Varsity 8+ Michigan State 6:35.5, Clemson 6:47.1

Novice 8+ Clemson 7:06.4, Michigan State 7:20.4