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Clemson Rowing Holds Class Day Regatta

Oct. 31, 1999

CLEMSON, S.C. – The Clemson rowing team competed in the Class Day Regatta Saturday on Lake Hartwell. Prior to the races, the Tigers dedicated three new boats. One boat was named Lethal, describing a tiger. The second boat was named Omnipotent, and the third boat was named Garra, which is Portuguese for “claws”.

The first race featured the juniors rowing Garra in lane 1, the sophomores racing Fortitude in lane 2 and the seniors rowing Ambush in lane 3. The juniors won in 6:10.02, just 1.48 seconds ahead of the seniors who finished the race in 6:11.50. The sophomores were third with a time of 6:21.17.

Three freshman/novice teams competed in the second race. Fortitude was in lane 1, Ambush in lane 2 and The Will in lane 3. Ambush pulled away for an early lead and held the lead to the finish, winning in 6:31.6. The race for second place was close, with The Will winning out in 6:45.22, followed by Fortitude with a time of 6:47.66.

“What an awesome day,” said Clemson assistant coach Kelly Lynch following the day’s festivities. “We had great water and great themes for the Class Day Races. It was expected to be very competitive, and the Junior Class came out victorious in a tight race between the Juniors and Seniors. The competition we have had this weekend will prepare us well for the Head of the Hootch and the Chatahoochee Chase next weekend. We look forward to good competition from Duke, North Carolina, Texas, Miami and Central Florida next weekend.”

The Tigers will compete in the head of the Hootch and the Chatahoochee Chase next Saturday and Sunday on Lake Lanier in Gainesville, GA.