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Clemson Rowing Holds Class Day Regatta

Clemson Rowing Holds Class Day Regatta

Oct. 27, 2001

CLEMSON, S.C. – The Clemson rowing team held it annual Class Day Regatta Saturday morning on Lake Hartwell. The day began with the dedication of two boats, followed by the novice race and concluded with the seniors, juniors and sophomores Class Day race.

The Tigers dedicated two boats – Indivisible and Panthera Tigris Tigris. Clemson President James Barker unveiled Indivisible, and co-captain Lisa Mischley poured the “Finish Line” water on the bow. Indivisible was christened with the following: “In honor of America those who have given their lives for this land and the freedoms we enjoy and the blessings that God has bestowed on us… To exemplify the “One Clemson” spirit on our campus where Academics and Athletics have joined together to make Clemson a Top Twenty Institution… To describe the nature of our sport and the uniqueness that exists at Clemson Rowing, which is a large part of our success… A word that means unbroken, undivided, complete, togetherness, incapable of being divided. I present to you a true characteristic of the United States of America, Clemson University and the Tiger Rowing Team – INDIVISIBLE.”

Panthera was unveiled by Thorton Kirby, Executive Secretary to the Board of Trustees and Executive Assistant to the President. Co-captain Megan McGuirt poured the “Finish Line” water on the bow. Panthera was christened with the following: “Genus and species of the Clemson Tiger… The most water loving of the big cats, it will even chase prey into water… Kills with a deadly bite to the throat using long canine teeth… Can kill prey weighing four times its own weight… The tiger’s powerful muscles and massive build are key to its hunting success… Every tiger has a unique pattern of black stripes on an orange coat just as each rower is unique. We welcome back to the Clemson Boathouse – Panthera tigris tigris.”

In the novice race, the Rainbow boat, complete with a pot of gold and a leprechaun, found more gold at the finish line by winning that race in 7:53. The Rainbow boat was comprised of Kimmine Tananka, Katherine Sloan, Diane Ulmer, Alden Burley, Mary Nell Green, Lisa Mischley, Krista Sonnefeld, Kelly Gower and coxswain Sarah Canterbury. The “Inmates”, who made a run of it in their jailbreak, were in second place for the majority of the race, but Snow Vic and the eight dwarfs came from behind to capture the second-place finish with a time of 8:24. The Inmates took third in 8:31. Snow Vic and the Eight Dwarfs was comprised of Marianne Grant, Rachel Calsen, Tina Hughes, Jenny Champa, Kara Adlof, Paula Froehbordt, Robin Mescher, Diana Ulrey and coxswain Vicki Restrepo. The Inmates Jailbreak was comprised of Candice Woodward, Kate Niebauer, Megan Harriman, Jen Stokes, Kemrey Heinold, Corey Gledhill, Lizzie Noll, Kensey Morris and coxswain Courtney McClive. Noah and the Ark, complete with four pairs of animals, caught a crab in the early goings, which kept them out of the race. The “40 days and nights of rowing” proved to be too much for them as they finished in fourth place with a time of 9:45. Noah’s Ark was comprised of Megan Reed, Katie Bero, Julie Lortz, Erinne Dabkowski, Jen Wortman, Kate Barton, Sara Ventura, Ashlee Brown and coxswain Marlena Smith.

The “Senior” Citizens (senior class) ran away with the Class Day Trophy as they finished in 7:37. With such a commanding lead the old ladies needed to catch their breath and stopped rowing short of the finish line, and balanced the boat while it glided across the finish line to the victory. The seniors that raced were Mary Catherine Manning, Kate Niebauer, Liz Monteith, Jen Dillinger and coxswain Emily Kuivila. The Super Hero sophomores were Diane Wallendjack, Leslie McCartney, Carrie Sinnott, Marianne Grant, Sally Kukla, Kate Barton, Kali Spink, Katrina Cobb and coxswain Gail Cadorniga.

Clemson head coach Susie Lueck said, “What a great day for Clemson Rowing. The parents had an opportunity to see their daughters compete with their teammates while learning about the sport of rowing and touring the Clemson Rowing facility.”