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Clemson Rowing Finishes Ninth at 2003 Lexus Central/South Region Sprints

May 18, 2003

Clemson rowing earned a ninth place overall finish, fourth in the South Region at the 2003 Central/South Region Sprints in Oak Ridge, TN on Lake Melton today. Ohio State won the Sprints with 76 points and took the Central Region title. With a point total of 70, the University of Virginia won the South Region title. This was the first overall win for the Buckeyes.

Racing in the Petite Finals, the First Varsity 8+ took fifth with a time of 6:40.4. Also racing in the Petite Finals for it’s event, Clemson’s Second Varsity 8+ finished in 6:58.8 placing sixth.

Earning the biggest win for the Tigers today, the First Varsity 4+ took fifth overall and first in the South Region in the Grand Finals crossing the finish line in 7:21.6. The Second Varsity 4+ also showed a strong performance taking first in the Petite Final and second for the South Region in 7:37.2.

The Tigers’ First Novice 8+ finished second in the Petite Finals with a time of 6:47.6. And in the last event of the day, the Second Novice 8+ placed fourth in the Grand Finals with a finishing time of 7:10.6.

“Our Tigers’ handled the challenging weather situation with confidence and executed the race plan well,” said head coach Susie Lueck. “We had solid performances against many top 20 teams. It was a good way to end the season. We are blessed to have great athletes who represent Clemson well both athletically and academically. We are thankful for their hard work, dedication and success.”

This concludes racing action for Clemson rowing for the 2003 Spring season.

Final Results

1st Varsity 8+ Petite Final: Iowa (6:27.2), Notre Dame (6:30.9), Duke (6:31.4), Minnesota (6:32.5), CLEMSON (6:40.4), Miami (Fla.) (6:46.7)

2nd Varsity 8+ Petite Final: Tennessee (6:38.3), Texas (6:42.5), Minnesota (6:46.9), Kansas (6:47.7), Kansas State (6:57.1), CLEMSON (6:58.8)

1st Varsity 4+ Grand Final: Ohio State (7:08.6), Michigan (7:09.0), Iowa (7:11.8), Minnesota (7:15.8), CLEMSON (7:21.6), Michigan State (7:22.4)

2nd Varsity 4+ Petite Final: CLEMSON (7:37.2), Kansas State (7:37.4)

1st Novice 8+ Petite Final: Kansas (6:46.1), CLEMSON (6:47.6), Notre Dame (6:48.3), Tennessee (6:50.6), Indiana (6:51.0), Miami (Fla.) (6:52.6)

2nd Novice 8+ Grand Final: Ohio State (6:58.1), Virginia (7:04.2), Michigan State (7:06.2), CLEMSON (7:10.6), Miami (Fla.) (7:43.8)