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Clemson Rowing Dominates Mid-Week Regatta

Clemson Rowing Dominates Mid-Week Regatta

March 12, 2003

Clemson rowing wins four of six races today against Notre Dame and ACC rival North Carolina on Lake Hartwell. The Tigers’ wins included the Varsity 8+, Novice 8+, Varsity 4+ and 2nd Varsity 4+.

In the first race of the day Notre Dame took an early lead winning the 2nd Varsity 4+ in 7:38.8. Clemson followed taking second in 7:58.2, while the Tigers’ Novice 4+, participating in this event, finished third in 8:22.5.

The Tigers fought back to win the Varsity 4+ in 7:32.6. With the closest finish of the day, the Fighting Irish took second in 7:34.9. The Tarheels finished with a time of 7:51.1.

Clemson rowing continued its winning streak finishing first in both the First and Second Novice 8+. North Carolina earned second place finishes in both races and Notre Dame took third in each.

The 2nd Varsity 8+ event consisted of only Clemson and Notre Dame. In a hard fought battle, the Fighting Irish took first with a time of 6:41.2 with the Tigers following 3.4 seconds behind.

In the most exciting race of the day, the Clemson Tigers’ won the Varsity 8+ race in 6:34.1. Holding close was Notre Dame who finished less than a boat length behind in 6:36.9. North Carolina finished third in 6:34.1.

“A great day of racing,” said head coach Susie Lueck. “It was solid orange. Exciting performances were given by the Varsity 8+, Novice 8+’s and Varsity 4+. We had beautiful weather, but rough conditions which the Tigers handled well. These are exciting results to go into spring training with.”

The Tigers will compete next against Kansas State and Iowa in Manhattan, KS on March 29.

Clemson vs. Notre Dame & North Carolina Results

2nd Varsity 4+ Notre Dame (7:38.8), Clemson (7:58.2), Clemson Novice 4+ (8:22.5)

Varsity 4+ Clemson (7:32.6), Notre Dame (7:34.9), North Carolina (7:51.1)

2nd Novice 8+ Clemson (7:18.0), North Carolina (7:25.7), Notre Dame (7:51.3)

Novice 8+ Clemson (7:03.3), North Carolina (7:15.1), Notre Dame (7:24.6)

2nd Varsity 8+ Notre Dame (6:41.2), Clemson (6:44.6)

Varsity 8+ Clemson (6:34.1), Notre Dame (6:36.9), North Carolina (7:01.7)