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Clemson Rowing Concludes Spring Break in Oak Ridge, TN

Clemson Rowing Concludes Spring Break in Oak Ridge, TN

March 26, 2005

Final Stats

Oak Ridge, TN – The Clemson rowing team concluded its week of spring break training by winning three of six events versus Cincinnati and Dartmouth on Lake Melton. The races took place at the same site that will play host to the regional championships in May.

“We were blessed with fantastic weather and great racing,” said Susie Lueck, head coach at Clemson. “It was a solid way to finish out our week of training. Having the opportunity to race on the course that we will race the regional championship was an important step in our spring season’s progression. We have identified areas that each boat can focus on in the next two weeks as we prepare for the Windermere Crew Classic in Redwood Shores, CA.”

The Tigers claimed first place in the second varsity 8+, second novice 8+, and varsity 4+ races. The second varsity 8+, which received crew of the week honors from the ACC office last Monday, had an impressive showing again for Clemson. The Tigers finished in a time of 6:52.6, its best time of the spring season. Cincinnati finished second at 7:01.7. The Tigers dominated from start to finish, ending the race with a significant amount of open water over their competitors.

The second novice 8+ remained perfect on the season by defeating Cincinnati by over 20 seconds, finishing with a time of 7:20.7. It was also a dominant performance from start to finish by Clemson.

The varsity 4+ was the third Clemson boat to finish first on Saturday. The Tigers finished over 20 seconds ahead of Cincinnati and recorded a time of 7:35. Clemson led all the way in the race and had open water.

The varsity 8+, novice 8+, and second varsity 4+ boats finished in second place for Clemson on the afternoon. The varsity 8+ race saw Dartmouth and Clemson get off to strong starts. However, Dartmouth began to slowly pull ahead after the first 200 meters of the race. Dartmouth won with a time of 6:40.4, while Clemson took second place in 6:43.7.

In the novice 8+ race, Dartmouth and Clemson were seat-for-seat with each other in the first few hundred meters. Dartmouth then moved ahead at the 1,000m mark and held on for the win, despite a very strong sprint from Clemson in the final stages.

The second varsity 4+ race was a competitive one from start to finish, with Cincinnati’s A boat claiming the narrow win with a time of 8:16.0. Clemson took second at 8:19.7.

Clemson returns home to train for two weeks before heading out to Redwood Shores, CA to compete in the reputable Windermere Crew Classic. The races, which take place April 9-10, will be presented by JAMCO on the internet with live audio streaming of commentary on each race in progress, in addition to JAMCO’s traditional real time graphic presentation of split times at each 500m interval. JAMCO will also broadcast the Sunday Awards Ceremonies. The event can be followed via the link