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Mar 17, 2024

Clemson Rowing Concludes First Regatta of 2024

Oak Ridge, Tenn. – Clemson finishes their first regatta of the 2024 season with two second place, four third place and one fourth place finish at the Cardinal Invite on Sunday, March 17 at Oak Ridge, Tenn. 

“We had a strong day Saturday” said Head Coach Stephen Frazier Wong. “Three Tiger boats, the 3v8, 2v8 and 1v8, won their afternoon sessions outright. In Saturday’s morning session, the 1v8 put in a gritty performance and finished only four seconds back of Duke, who is ranked No. 13 in the country. Sunday morning was tough and we made some mistakes, but we also learned some lessons that we will implement in next week’s spring break practices. This experience from these three races will serve us well in achieving the goals we have for this season, so I’m looking forward to next week’s training.” 

The Tigers took second place in their first race of the day at 10:26 a.m., defeating UNC as they finished in 6:49.767 minutes in the 3v8. Next, Clemson fell to Indiana and Alabama in the 1v8, 1v4 and 2v8, finishing third in all of those races. After that, Clemson’s 2v4 finished at 7:36.733 minutes to place fourth. Lastly, Clemson’s 3v4 placed second as they finished in 7:30.010 minutes. 

After today’s races, Clemson leaves the Cardinal invite with three first place finishes, seven second place finishes, eight third place finishes and one fourth place finish.

Up Next: Clemson will travel to Cherry Hill, NJ to race at Doc Hosea on March 30. 

Race Results: 


  1. Indiana (6:45.053)
  2. Clemson (6:49.767)
  3. UNC (6:53.770)


  1. Indiana (6:21.580)
  2. Alabama (6:25.666)
  3. Clemson (6:27.259)


  1. Indiana (7:06.711)
  2. Alabama (7:10.784)
  3. Clemson (7:30.886)


  1. Indiana (6:25.822)
  2. Alabama (6:29.910)
  3. Clemson (6.42.316)


  1. Alabama b (7:15.008)
  2. Alabama a (7:17.945)
  3. Indiana (7:21.564)
  4. Clemson a (7:36.733)


  1. Indiana (7:25.119)
  2. Clemson (7:30.010)
  3. Alabama (7:31.983)