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Clemson Rowing Competes At Syracuse

March 30, 2002

CLEMSON, SC — The Clemson rowing team competed against Syracuse and Boston University Saturday morning in Syracuse, NY. Both Syracuse and Boston participated in the 2001 NCAA Rowing Championships.

In the varsity 8+ race, Clemson had a solid performance. The Tigers finished third with a time of 7:06.9. Syracuse completed the course in 6:53.7, while Boston finished in 7:02.0.

Clemson’s second varsity 8+ also had a solid performance with a third-place finish and a time of 7:20.8. The Tigers were in second-place through the first 500 meters, but Boston fought back to finish second with a time of 7:15.7. Syracuse swept the top spot with a time of 7:11.0.

Despite challenging winds and rough water, the Tigers varsity 4+ boat took second-place in its race with a time of 8:15.9, beating Syracuse by four seconds (8:19.9). Boston swept the top spot with a time of 8:01.7.

In the novice 8+ race, Clemson had a strong sprint and a solid finish for the closest margin of the day. The Tigers’ novice 8+ boat completed the course in 7:38.2 for a third-place finish. Syracuse won the novice 8+ race with a time of 7:33.1, while Boston finished in 7:36.6.

“It was a solid day of racing. We are pleased with the effort the team put forth,” said Head Coach Susie Lueck. “We are looking forward to next weekend and seeing how the Tigers stack up among the best rowing teams on the West Coast.”

Clemson will travel to San Diego, CA, next Friday to compete in the San Diego Crew Classic.

Clemson vs. Syracuse and Boston UniversityVarsity 8+Syracuse 6:53.7, Boston University 7:02.0, Clemson 7:06.9

2nd Varsity 8+ Syracuse 7:11.0, Boston University 7:15.7, Clemson 7:20.8

Varsity 4+ A Boston University 8:01.7, Clemson 8:15.9, Syracuse 8:19.9

Novice 8+ Syracuse 7:33.1, Boston University 7:36.6, Clemson 7:38.2