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Clemson Rowing Competes At San Diego Crew Classic

Clemson Rowing Competes At San Diego Crew Classic

April 7, 2002

SAN DIEGO – The Clemson rowing team competed in the grand finals of the second varsity 8+ and the petite finals of the varsity 8+ on Sunday at the San Diego Crew Classic on Mission Bay.

In the grand finals of the second varsity 8+, Clemson finished fifth with a time of 6:55.54. Ohio State edged the Tigers by .53 seconds for a fourth-place finish. Washington won the race with a time of 6:41.12, while Virginia finished second in 6:45.12. California-Berkeley completed the course in 6:48.99, Texas finished with a time of 6:59.87 for a sixth-place finish.

The Tigers’ varsity 8+ competed in the petite finals of the Jessop-Whittier Cup. Clemson finished fourth with a time of 6:53.87, only .35 seconds behind third-place Texas (6:53.52). Southern Cal won the petite final with a time of 6:45.96, while Oregon State finished second with a time of 6:49.62. Miami completed the race in 6:57.49, and Navy finished sixth with a time of 7:06.43. Tulsa finished the course with a time of 7:11.73 for a seventh-place finish.

Clemson will travel to Columbus, Ohio, next weekend to compete in the Buckeye Invitational.

Second Varsity 8+ Results Washington 6:41.12, Virginia 6:45.12 California-Berkeley 6:48.99, Ohio State 6:55.01, Clemson 6:55.54, Texas 6:59.87

Varsity 8+ Results Southern Cal 6:45.96, Oregon State 6:49.62, Texas 6:53.52, Clemson 6:53.87, Miami 6:57.49, Navy 7:06.43, Tulsa 7:11.73