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Clemson Rowing Competes at Buckeye Invitational

April 13, 2002

COLUMBUS, OH – The Clemson rowing team competed at the Buckeye Invitational held Saturday at the Griggs Reservoir on the Scioto River in Columbus, OH. Clemson competed against four major programs, including three teams that are currently ranked in the top 20 of the Collegiate Rowing Coaches Poll. The Tigers raced against #10 Michigan and Cincinnati in the morning session, and #14 Michigan State and #20 Texas in the afternoon session.

In the morning session, the Tigers’ second novice 8+ finished second in its race. Clemson finished the race in 7:31.41 behind first-place Michigan (7:24.11). The first novice 8+ finished second in their morning race with a time of 7:01.44. Michigan recorded the top time with 6:56.05, while Cincinnati finished third in the Tigers’ section with a time of 7:51.48.

The first varsity 8+ posted a second-place finish with a time of 6:43.57. Michigan won the varsity 8+ race in 6:34.85, while Cincinnati completed the course in 7:10.09. The second varsity 8+ finished second in the morning session with a time of 6:53.56. Michigan finished the course in 6:43.51 for a first-place finish, while Cincinnati took third in 6:58.10.

In the first varsity 4+ race, Clemson finished second, behind Michigan (7:42.55), recording a time of 7:54.62. Cincinnati was third with a time 8:09.07. The second varsity 4+ recorded a first-place finish over Cincinnati (8:04.48) and Michigan (8:05.63) with a time of 7:56.08.

In the afternoon session, Clemson recorded a season-best time of 7:01.07 in the first novice 8+ race. The Tigers’ first novice 8+ boat edged Michigan State (7:03.42) by less than three seconds to take second place. Texas won the race with a time of 6:55.10. Michigan State won the second novice 8+ race with a time of 7:18.00, while Clemson finished second with a time of 7:48.16.

The first varsity 4+ posted a third-place finish in its race with a time of 7:44.98. Michigan State completed the course in 7:19.06 and Texas posted a time of 7:29.74. The Tigers’ also competed in the second varsity 4+ race. Michigan State won the second varsity 4+ race with a time of 7:52.07, while Clemson finished second in 7:55.82.

Clemson recorded a season-best time of 6:32.44 in the first varsity 8+ competition. “Clemson finished third, but made up lots of ground in a really strong sprint,” said Head Coach Susie Lueck. “We came from being open-water behind, to fighting back almost even with Texas.” Michigan State won the first varsity 8+ race with a time of 6:25.00, while Texas finished second with a time of 6:31.24, edging the Tigers by 1.2 seconds. In the second varsity 8+ race, Clemson completed the course in 6:45.39 for a third-place finish. Texas won the race in 6:38.03 and Michigan State finished second in 6:38.58.

“We learned a lot this weekend,” said Lueck. “We are looking forward to a solid week of practicing and a strong showing next weekend at the Atlantic Coast Conference Championships.”

Clemson will play host to the Atlantic Coast Conference Championships Apr. 20, on Lake Hartwell.

Buckeye Invitational Results Morning Session Second Novice 8+ – Michigan 7:24.11, Clemson 7:31.41 First Novice 8+ – Michigan 6:56.05, Clemson 7:01.44, Cincinnati 7:51.48 Second Varsity 4+ – Clemson 7:56.08, Cincinnati 8:04.48, Michigan 8:05.63 First Varsity 4+ – Michigan 7:42.55, Clemson 7:54.62, Cincinnati 8:09.07 Second Varsity 8+ – Michigan 6:43.51, Clemson 6:53.56, Cincinnati 6:58.10 First Varsity 8+ – Michigan 6:34.85, Clemson 6:43.57, Cincinnati 7:10.09

Afternoon Session Second Novice 8+ – Michigan State 7:18.00, Clemson 7:48.16 First Novice 8+ – Texas 6:55.10, Clemson 7:01.07, Michigan State 7:03.42 Second Varsity 4+ – Michigan State 7:52.07, Clemson 7:55.82 First Varsity 4+ – Michigan State 7:19.06, Texas 7:29.74, Clemson 7:44.98 Second Varsity 8+ – Texas 6:38.03, Michigan State 6:38.58, Clemson 6:45.39 First Varsity 8+ – Michigan State 6:25.00, Texas 6:31.24, Clemson 6:32.44