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Clemson Records Stellar Performance on Saturday

Clemson Records Stellar Performance on Saturday

CLEMSON, S.C. – The Tigers finished first in four of six races against Buffalo, Duke, Iowa, Kansas and Purdue on Saturday morning on Lake Hartwell. Clemson has now won nine of 12 races this season.

The Tigers looked strong in the First Varsity 8+ race pulling away late to finish first and stay undefeated on the season. Duke finished second with Iowa coming in third and Buffalo in fourth. Last season, the Duke 1V8 topped Clemson in the season opener but the Tigers turned the tide in today’s race.

Clemson then battled Iowa and Duke in the Second Varsity 8+ in a tightly contested race. The three rowed alongside each before Clemson and Iowa were able to pull out in front. In the end, the two went neck-and-neck to the finish but the Tigers were able to create just enough space to take the race.

The Tigers and the Hawkeyes then went head-to-head to the finish again in the First Varsity 4+ race. Clemson was able to pull out front towards the final stretch but Iowa made a late push. The Tigers held them off to take the first-place finish.

Clemson finished out the day with a decisive win in the Fourth Varsity 8+ race to cap off the strong team performance.

Clemson will return to the water next Saturday when they make their annual trip to California to take on Stanford, San Diego and Southern Cal. 

Schedule of Events Lake Hartwell – March 22, 2014

Third Varsity 8s 1. Duke – 7:16.72. Iowa – 7:18.03. Kansas “A” – 7:24.14. Kansas “B” – 7:24.75. Clemson – 7.31.366. Buffalo – 7:37.577. Purdue – 7:49.7

First Varsity 8s1. Clemson – 6:42.692. Duke – 6:49.033. Iowa – 6:55.184. Buffalo – 6:59.795. Kansas – 7:05.136. Purdue – 7:24.50

Second Varsity 8s1. Clemson – 6:56.002. Iowa – 6:56.423. Duke – 6:59.904. Kansas – 7:11.505. Buffalo – 7:24.886. Purdue – 7:28.56

First Varsity 4s1. Clemson – 7:37:82. Iowa – 7:38:73. Kansas – 7:45:84. Duke – 7:51:115. Buffalo – 8:10:826. Purdue – 9:06:23

Second Varsity 4s1. Iowa – 7:40:602. Kansas – 7:52:503. Duke – 7:56:574. Clemson “A” – 7:57:665. Clemson “B” – 8:39:44

Fourth Varsity 8s1. Clemson – 7:14:52. Duke – 7:36:493. Buffalo – 7:37:734. Purdue – 8:02:97

Lineups First Varsity 8+Izze Germano (cox.), Samantha Duggan, Paula Wesselmann, Marissa Kump, Milena Heuer, Marie Jacquet, Stephanie Cameron, Stephannie Allen, Laura D’Urso

Second Varsity 8+Katie Eidson (cox.), Giulia Longatti, Aurelia Wurzel, Dana Zielinski, Rebecca Kretzer, Tatiana Lundstrom, Lorena Croft, Ashley Robinson, Claire Prevost

First Varsity 4+Emily Mutschler (cox.), Maria Jose Gutierrez, Erin Ferguson, Julie Gilbert, Anna Skochdopole

Second Varsity 4+ “A”Jackie Kovach (cox.), Lexi Georgia, Kathleen Scibelli, Rachel Brown, Courtney Fallon

Second Varsity 4+ “B”Hannah Soblo (cox.), Emily Kowal, Murphy Cannon, Megan Lee, Jordan Higgins 

Third Varsity 8+Maggie Nelson (cox.), Katherine Peters, Hannah DeFrank, Alexandra Errington, Cassidy Davidson, Kathryn Wiley, Joan Darnell, Samantha Trivinia, Tory Haberman

Fourth Varsity 8+Kasi Sweisford (cox.), Vida Komer, Anna White, Jessica Picone, Lily Shore, Hannah Richey, Lindsay Burton, Sabreena Cole, Rachel Thurmes 

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